Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How inconsiderate!

This evening we have had pizza for tea.  Something quick  - I was not particularly hungry and OH has been on and off his food like a yo yo so at the moment I am finding it very difficult to gauge just how hungry he actually is!  At the moment I am tending to have more misses than hits. Tonight the pizza was another miss!

He then decided that he was still very much hungry and as he is a fan of Welsh Rarebit he set too and made himself a batch.  It never lasts more than a couple of days!  I am not a fan!

I have  round what is in effect a large electric pan which is ideal for doing breakfasts in as it is nice and deep or in this case OH has utilised it to make the Welsh Rarebit and has since topped up on his tea.

I then set too on the computer catching up with emails etc.  I had also been watching something on Ebay which was coming to the end of the auction.  I had just set my bid and was about to press the button when we had a five minute power cut!  I was not impressed and it seemed to effect the whole of the street.

It is really cold here tonight but it is nice and snug here at the moment.

As far as the scarf is concerned I have not done much more work on it at the moment although I intend to do a little before I go to bed this evening.  I have no book on the go at the  moment.  At dinner I went and bought another pair of knitting needles as the ones I have are too short and it will be easier for me to keep all the stitches on the needles this way on and hopefully I will be able to get a wriggle on speed wise.

I have however had a few more bits and pieces arrive to go towards the embroidered crazy patchwork style quilt that I have been collecting bits for.  I have managed to find damaged lots where the embroidery is intact but the linen might have a hole in it etc.  I have also bought some transfers to make use of the bits of linen (most of them are linen cloths) which are left over.  All in the spirit of waste not want not.  Linen is expensive so you have to make the most of whatever comes your way.  I like freestyle hand embroidery in any event.  I do have a stash of vintage embroidery transfers that my mum passed to me and which belonged to her crafting friend.  Mum had received them from her daughter when she had passed.  So really I am slowly drawing together an awful lot of threads from different sources, all of which are vintage and which are going to be re-used. Some of them are rather beautiful and it is a tragedy that they are damaged as the embroidery is stunning I am only hoping that I will be able to do all the beautifully hand-embroidered pieces justice in the longer term.  I shall shortly pop a post up showing you some of the pieces I have managed to draw together.  The outline colours I have sort of been gravitating towards are more cream, green and pink based but there are other more colourful pieces outside of that colour spectrum also.  I have also been sourcing pieces of pretty cotton fabric to mix in between the embroidered pieces.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.  I have to introduce a new pair of long knitting needles to my embryonic scarf.  Wish me luck.

Catch you soon.



In the interim though it is upwards and onwards with the scarf.

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