Friday, 9 February 2018

Not a good start to the day

Mass panic actually.  OH got up this morning to find the back door wide open. Last time we had been burgled.  This time it would appear that the door had not caught properly and to all intents and purposes was closed when in fact it was not.  Mass panic over the cats, but fortunately the kittens and Molly were still in the house.  Mass panic as my three ladies are still intact.  They are indoor cats.  The boys have been done.  Fortunately all three kittens were curled up in bed together.  Molly their mum was on the windowsill. Phew a result in itself. Just Demetri unaccounted for.  I am not too bothered about him as he will eventually come in probably when his tummy starts rumbling.  He never goes far from the house in any event.  (He also has a nice thick and dense coat compared to Molly and the kittens). He just has to have breakfast but he goes out and about anyway.

Panic number two was the boiler.  OH had woke up cold and tried to put it on but it was not having any of it.  He has at  long last managed to persuade it and we have heat again; slowly the house is warming up as it was like a fridge with the back door being open.

I am just hoping there are no more panics to follow!

I must say that last night I was lovely and warm in bed.  I had slung another fleece blanket on top of me - as I feel the cold so much.  I am also not as stiff as I have been which is a novelty although we still have more cold weather to come - my hands and hips hurt!

As I am sat here the pitch black is starting to fade to grey very imperceptibly, very gradually, very peacefully. Not long now for the lighter mornings.

Yesterday after my oversleep I left the house without managing to have any breakfast,  The other day I had bought a couple of porridge pots to try out in case of such occasion and I nabbed it and took it into work with me and had it.  I must say I was very pleasantly surprised.  All I needed was some hot water to activate it.  So I am going to have some porridge today before I leave the house to warm me up as much as anything else.

I also appear to have some new followers and would just like to say welcome, make yourself comfortable, and get that cup of tea and coffee and don't be afraid to comment.

Right porridge it is then.

Hopefully catch you later.




  1. Most days I have porridge for breakfast, I stir a spoonful of my homemade marmalade through it rather than sugar or syrup. It leaves me feeling that I had toast as well.

    1. Hi Pam that sounds nice. Never thought about jam or marmalade in porridge. Although we used to do the same with the Semolina pudding or rice pudding. I must say having porridge in the morning fills me up and I do not end up picking at things so much. Keeps me warmer I think in the long run. Hope you are feeling a little bit better than you were. Commiserations I had it over Christmas twice. Take care Tricia (aka Pattypan) xx


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