Monday, 26 February 2018

Real Life - a very busy day

I was up with OH this morning at 6:00pm but was not firing on all pistons and contemplated going back to bed.  In the end I did not as I thought it would make me feel worse than I already did.  So I stayed up and did a little work and then got myself ready for the fray.

It has been a long day at work much of it I have spent typing quite a lengthy Lease - copy typing from an original copy document going back many years in readiness for an update; I am pleased to say that I managed to get it done despite some complications and a very poor quality original (provided from client and prepared by his former solicitor) and was then able to get on with some of my normal work. 

Dinner time I went out to lunch with my work mate and ended up in Waitrose.  Whilst walking there it started to snow and came down quite hard - even harder once we had got ourselves settled in for a bowl of chicken broth and crusty bun and a hot drink.  By the time lunch was over the snow had stopped.

After a long afternoon I was pleased to come out of work and to tell the truth I have not done anything since I got in I have been shattered.  I just poked my head out of the window and I see that we have had gentle snow fall and that this time it is settling.  So we will see what tomorrow brings.  I am not going to be long before I hit the decks.

Keep warm and safe wherever you.




  1. Hi Tricia, I’m just checking in on you as I’ve not had much time to catch up lately. Glad to see you’re ok though the snow sounds like it’s affecting you there too. I am ready for it to be over now! Love hearing the snippets of your day and although it’s coming up 11pm here, I could really do with that warm chicken broth mmm!!! Stay safe and I’ll email you soon xx

  2. Hi Tracy lovely to hear from you. When it gets cold I always make soup or have soup and my friend and I both like something good and simple at lunchtime. It also helps keep her on the straight and narrow as she is dieting at the moment. Snow has been bad for Peterborough but the surrounding areas have been a lot worse off than us. Snow has now gone and it is a lot milder here at the moment. I love all the seasons they each have something special but this winter has been far too grey which makes it seem far longer than it is. A bit more sunshine would have made all the difference. Why don't you make some home made soup and keep it in the tall Kilner jars in the fridge then when you fancy something in a hurry there will always be something to hand. Take care and its nice to see you post again. Tricia xx


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