Saturday, 24 February 2018

Saturday Round Up

Later this afternoon I nipped to the veg shop and stocked up on fresh veggies.  Very little fresh fruit today I had gotten low on the veggies so that was my main priority.  I came home with a new sack of spuds, a new tray of eggs, a quantity of sprouting broccoli, some sweet potatoes, swede, parsnips, a net of onions, some leeks, cabbage a couple of cauliflowers, so plenty of veggies to keep us warm during the next few days.

The onions I use in general cooking in any event as I do the spuds and also the eggs. 

Sweet potatoes will be roasted with fresh rosemary and served with tomorrow night's dinner as well as making sweet potato chips or indeed cooking them in the microwave like a baked potato yum.

The Sprouting broccoli is a favourite and will accompany the roast tomorrow evening and also be serve with pasta and stir fry later on in the week.  It is really good for you.

Swede will be turned into swede puree or swede and carrot crush.  It will also be used in stews.

Parsnips will be roasted and then used in stews.

Leeks will be roasted and used as a relish in sarnies.  I will also use in stews and casseroles and also in leek and potato soup.

Cabbage is chopped finely and then steamed.  When cut I then chop it again with a knife and fork and then run some butter around it.  This is very tasty and a big favourite.

Cauliflowers -  I bought two today and one is destined for home made cauliflower cheese the other one will be cooked and just added to whatever meat we are eating during the week

I also have carrots, some ordinary broccoli and some spinach which I bought from the Co-Op.

So there are plenty of veggies for during the week all I have to do is to get a bag of frozen peas.  I will however freeze the veggie peelings for use in stocks as well.  You pay out for something so why waste it.

We have had ribs for tea this evening and very nice they were too but I have also bought a variety of other meats.

Stewing steak for home made steak pie and also stew.

Bacon for breakfasts, quiche and some scones.

Two chickens; one for roasting and sarnies the remnants for a stew.  One for using in stir fries and the other for a curry.  The carcasses will be used to make stock and then subsequently soup or the stock will be frozen.

Two small joints of Pork both for tea tomorrow evening and the remnants will either be frozen in gravy and popped in the freezer or the rest will be used in sarnies for pack ups.

Two packs of mince one for cottage pie and the other for lasagne.

I shall make the meals up and then that I do not think am going to get to during the week then I will freeze them so in effect the meals will probably cover a couple of weeks.  However I was keen to have stuff to hand to keep us warm over the coming week especially if we get this bad weather which is threatened.  If the temperatures are by any way a guideline during the past couple of days it has been absolutely freezing. 

The only thing I really need to get is some fresh fish and I will probably get that on Monday when I nip to Waitrose unless I manage to get chance to nip out tomorrow.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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