Saturday, 3 February 2018


Started out well we were up really early to meet up with friends for breakfast and my step-son and his wife.  Lovely breakfast and lovely company.  Then we went shopping en-masse in Johnson's the Butchers.  

This time round I have bought a large steak pie, two Cornish pasties, a hacelet, some Cornish Blue cheese, beef skirt for Cornish pasties (home made), three small pheasants, two minted lamb steaks, 1kg of Stewing Steak, fresh sprouting broccoli, large field mushrooms, Russet apples, pears, bunched carrots, two packs of crusty bread buns.  More than enough to keep us going and some good eating to boot.

From there we paid a rare visit to Tescopolis I do this periodically just to see what they have and to take advantage of seasonal bits and bobs.  I have also ended up buying myself a new jumper and a pair of jeans.  As I have to dress up for work I like to have a more casual approach at the weekend so jeans is a natural choice but I have to have lots of warm jumpers.  I love Pastrami and have nabbed some as I just love this in buns. It was cut fresh for me. OH is not keen but I adore it.  I got him some Wiltshire Ham which is also very nice.

I also got the latest editions of the Kitchen Garden Magazine and Grow Your Own magazine and got loads of seeds with each. 

With the Kitchen Garden Magazine I got the following seeds (all Kings seeds):

Tomato Marmande
Radish /French Breakfast 3
Cabbage April (a pointed variety)
Carrot Early Nantes 2
Celeriac Asterix F1
Salad Leaf Rocket
Herb Coriander Leisure Leafy
Spring Onion Ishikuru
Lettuce Little Gem Cos
Courgette Zuchini

With the Grow Your Own Magazine (all Mr Fothergill's seeds):

Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato Moneymaker
Tomato Red Cherry
Tomato Red Pear
Basil Sweet
Lettuce Lolla Rossa
Carrot St Valery
Turnip Purple Top Milan
Pepper Sweet Romano Mixed
Rocket Wild Grazia

That is 20 packets of seeds between the two magazines - I like both of these gardening ones. Not just for the gardening information but also the cooking information as well.  

I have also been to the veg shop and bought plums, apricots, a couple of cauliflowers, oranges and some Comice pears.  So enough for me to play with.  Not sure what I am going to do yet, will make my mind up later on. 

I have also been to the Co-Op and bought chickens and a piece of brisket.  One of the chickens (maybe both yet again not sure) will be cooked with the pheasant in the way that my Nan used to do it and then served a slice of chicken and a slice of pheasant and alternating on the plate until you have enough.  So there will be plenty of meals again this week - we are lucky in the greater scheme of things.

I have also invested in a tray of four crimped tart tins the sort that you do cream patisserie tarts in.  I bought that from the farm as they have quite a nice kitchenware section there as well.  I may well get another tray next time I go as I tend to make things in bulk in any event.

I still have not been up to Waitrose to get my Viola's may have to go up later on or tomorrow.  They are open until 9:00pm Monday to Saturday.

Right things to do.

Catch you later.



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