Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Pure white frozen water everywhere - pretty to look at dreadful to travel in and it seems to have affected everywhere round here.  We have it here in Peterborough and as I have said before we are low lying so tend to miss it.  Apparently it is bad in the villages and people got stuck on the A1 between Peterborough and Stamford with a tailback as far as Grantham from what I can make out from the news.  OH indicated that it was minus 7 when he walked Missy earlier on this morning.  I am not going in a taxi this morning to work I am going to walk - I think I will be safer longer term.  Work is about half an hour's walk away and a lot of our staff live in the villages.  All this poor weather reminds me of when I was a child when it was the norm for this country.  I suspect due to climate change that is why the winters are no longer as bad as they were or at least we have got out of the habit of them.  The wind has been blowing as well which is more likely to lead to drifting.  Just be safe, keep warm and don't forget to check on those senior members of our society especially if they are on their own they may be glad of a hand and some company.  Keep warm and safe.

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  1. I saw it was bad over your way. We get our share tomorrow and Friday apparently. It is blowing half a gale already so any snow will drift. Pretty pictures to come . . .

    1. BB it is a different type of cold absolutely bitter and so cold that is despite me having a thermal top on, a fine cable jumper and a big chunky jumper as well as my thick coat when going out. We have had the wind so the snow has been drifting. It always drifts badly in Lincolnshire in any event they used to have to put the snow fences up on the road to reduce the drifting when I was a child the terrain is very up and down. I walked in this morning and it was not too bad. However it was bedlam at work we have people come from all over from Huntingdon and further down at St Neots. Our Stamford office only 3 members of staff managed to get in because of the blocked A1 and people being stranded in their cars and vehicles overnight. Because the threat of trains not running as well as buses we were kept up to date with transport issues and quite a few members of staff they ended up having to leave to make sure they get home. If it is bad tomorrow some of them have the option of working from home but the majority of us do not. Lots of people got stranded on the A1 either side of Stamford last night which is only ten miles up the road from Peterborough and ended up spending the night in their cars in the cold. The villages surrounding Peterborough especially towards Lincolnshire have also had it bad. It has been snowing heavily all day and when I went out at lunch the temperature had dropped even more. The cold was a dry cold but uncomfy on my face so I ended up draping a shawl round my head to try and keep warm. It is the wind that is more biting the wind chill factor is quite high. It is freezing hard now and we are forecast more so if you get it which I am sure that you will keep safe and warm. We are keeping the heating on overnight as well to be on the safe side. I shall walk again tomorrow to be on the safe side and as I and another friend are closest to the office we are expected to make it in. It is about a half an hours walk all told. Keep safe. Hugs Tricia xx


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