Sunday, 11 February 2018

Something on the Needles

Let us get this straight - I am not a natural knitter but every so often I feel compelled to get the knitting needles out especially if I am taken to a particular yarn as happened the other day when I was in Wilkos.  This marled chunky wool just screamed at me "Buy me Buy me".  So of course I obliged.  What is a girl to do. By the way it is £2 a ball.  They also do it in autumn colours as well. (by the way this is the ball of wool I am using and I had re-wound it).

I have therefore started off with something simple a scarf just in knit stitch as the wool is a lovely marled one so any pattern would be lost.  I am using a 10mm needle as advised on the wool label. There is no pattern I just cast on umpteen stitches as I wanted a fairly wide scarf.  I cast on using the thumb and needle method (I am sorry I don't know the technical terms).  I love these sorts of colours in any event and they will go well with my big coats which are Marmot down coats and which keep me lovely and warm. 

The back

The front

I had thought to try and match the wool up or just choose a single colour and then do some mittens.  I have never made gloves or socks.  Am not sure where to start with all those needles!  I would at some point like to have a bash but lets see how I get on with this.  It has been started as it is a pick up and put down item. Something to keep my hands going and also not to waste a few minutes here and there. My tension is relatively even (more by luck than design I think).  If when finished I am not keen on the scarf then it can always go as a Christmas present for someone.  I am using this site to refer to just in case I get stuck

Well that is the overall idea.  

I do however have a few unfinished items as well so when I locate them again I will start to work my way through them. They are in bags with the full amount of wool and their needles.  Not sure whether they are in the back bedroom or in the Unit however I am determined to get some of the UFOs out of the way.  There are a couple of jumpers that would be quite good to wear with my jeans in particular - very simple pattern as I am not very good with patterns I always seem to find the wrong way to read them and then cannot find my way out of it. One of the patterns I have started even my mum could not make head nor tail of.

Mum taught me to knit as a child, and I was also taught fancy stitches but cannot remember a lot of what I was taught apart from the basics. I think what  finished it off was that at the age of 9 she bought wool and I was to create my own jumper.  It was a lovely apple green one that went well with pink which I wore a lot of.  I finished about half of it and then mum took over.  I think for me at the time it was a little too much.  Mum was a beautiful needlewoman but she did not have much patience with me and my mistakes! I am a slow and visual learner and I make no end of mistakes in learning something new so much so that sometimes people who teach me lose patience with me. So I think mum's expectations of me at that time rather put me off knitting a bit.

I would hasten to add that I have knitted jumpers for my step-daughter and also for myself in the past which have not come up too badly.  I have also knitted a blanket throw although my tension is a little off on this. So this is a small reintroduction to my knitting needles before I dig out the UFOs and attempt to finish them.  I am not a very confident knitter and I am a slow knitter and I think that is why I get bored easily with knitting.  However I keep persevering with bits and bobs.  Would really love to know how to knit some socks. Crochet is a different matter. It was something my mum could not do but which I got my head around and of knitting and crochet I tend to err towards the crochet.  

We have had sleet this morning and it is bitterly cold as I know it is elsewhere so please keep warm and safe.

We are not having a roast today but are going to have some lamb steaks with veggies for a quick warming tea which will be later on as usual.  Might even make a bread and butter pudding.

Right upwards and onwards things to do as usual.

Catch you soon.



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