Sunday, 25 February 2018


The sun is out and about again today  -  that is two days on the trot but as I said in yesterday's post it makes me at least feel good about things and we have so much to be thankful for.  It will not be long before it is officially spring and so I am hoping if this really bad weather materialises in the next few days this will be winter's last hurrah.  Well I hope it is.  I can feel the sap rising and I want to get cracking in the garden but whilst it is as cold and the weather has not been as good at the weekends It is kind of holding me back a little and I am stomping at the bit to get moving. I am desperate to get moving out in the fresh air, wrapped up warm if necessary but it is not something I can do easily in the middle of a flare.

Its been another quiet weekend here.  I have been very tired again but I think that is a reaction to the flare up that I seem to be having at the moment.  With the arthritis I am generally getting less supple (which is to be expected as I do have soft tissue connection disorder) and it should not be long before I have another appointment with the clinic so I shall address the concerns I have with them then but in the interim just to rest up when I have to.  It is just one of those things and it makes me appreciate the better times but I still have to keep going it is not my nature to do otherwise and I do not mean to moan.

I get very frustrated though as when I get these flares I cannot do what I had intended to do and I just seem to get further behind with planned tasks than before.  I think I am going to have to give serious thought to the way I earn my living in the not too distant future although I do not particularly want to as I quite like what I do.   I have some embryonic ideas  and before long I may dip my toe in the water as they say with one or two of them and see how things go. At the end of the day there is only so much thinking one can do before you have to try the practicalities but not quite yet.  Still needs a little more work and to start with it may be something that I can run alongside of my main work. and also to run alongside with running something for myself to work from home so that all my eggs are not in the one basket.  We shall wait to see how things pan out and I really need to start doing something for myself.  However the house needs sorting first on all counts.

We have roast pork for tea.  I have cooked a couple of small bits up that I had and slices will either be covered in gravy and frozen or the rest of it will all go into pack ups and indeed a stir fry later on the week. None of it will be wasted and OH will have something to go to if he gets a bit peckish.

It is bitter out there this evening thank goodness it is nice and warm in the house.  I tend to really build the heat up and then let it slow down and then just turn it back on when it starts to get nippy.  With the oven on as well it is at the moment keeping the kitchen and dining room warm.  It is still cold in the bathroom.

When I prepped the pork I ended in putting in 1lb of lard in two separate sessions i.e. 1/lb at a time with there being two joints of pork and I now have three small jam jars full of "pork dripping".  The jar with more jelly in will be for the bread pile but the rest will get used in cooking for roasting potatoes and the like.  It will keep well in the fridge for a couple of weeks.  Whenever I cook pork I do this as the flavoured fat gives far more flavour to roast potatoes and it is a regular habit I have got into.  Really when it comes to cooking its all the little hidden bits and bobs that we do that make the meal really tasty.  Some of the meat juices from the pork have also gone into the gravy yet again to give more flavour to the meal.  I served it simply with roast potatoes, peas, purple sprouting broccoli and carrots with lashings of gravy and it was delicious.  Now am stuffed.  Oh and I forgot the stuffing!

Now have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.

Keep warm and safe.



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