Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sunshine on my Shoulder makes me happy

as in the words from the song of John Denver.  But it does the sun really makes me at any rate feel lighter and in a bouncier mood and this morning is a lovely sunny morning here in Peterborough although it is still cold.  So no I am not quite bouncing off the walls but I don't really do grey weather and we have had far too much this winter already.  But a bit of sun gladdens the soul.

I have already been round to the Charity shop.  There are a couple of pieces of furniture there that I have my eye on but unfortunately no room.  One day  I will be able to buy those interesting pieces as I will have the space and besides it just means that the timing is not right at the moment and something else probably even better will turn up.  However I have lots to keep  me occupied at home at the moment.  I looked to see if they had any more picture frames as I have had a few more bits come my way but which actually need frames.  Sadly they did not today so I will keep on looking and if nothing suitable turns up then I may well invest in some new ones.  I have had some silk embroidered flowers come my way which are about 83 years of age and I need to find some suitable frames with a mounting plate like mini individual pictures as I would quite like to display them in the packs that they arrived in as they seem to complement each other very well.

I also had a nose on the veggie stall will be going back later as they have white sprouting broccoli which is a great favourite here.  Will go lovely with the small piece of pork that I have for dinner and they also had some Williams pears.  I might well get some and bottle them up for the pantry shelf.

I also intend to do a stew.  I thought if I got it on the go today by Monday it should be well flavoursome and also something very warm to come home to especially bearing in mind the threatened cold weather.  It was extremely cold here last night and I left the heating on low because this house does get extremely cold.  As the kitchen gets so cold as does the bathroom I thought that I might leave the oil heater on low there just to try and keep pipes warm as well as the house warm.

This week I have managed to do a bit more knitting on my scarf.  Not as much as I would have liked but I am trying to stick to at least a few rows a day - normally before I put the lights out and go to sleep.  I am now on the fourth ball of wool and a little under half way on the scarf.  I like long scarves as you can wrap them around a couple of times to keep everything snug.

Right now am off to get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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