Saturday, 10 February 2018

What a miserable day

The heating went wrong again and we had a blown fuse downstairs as well so after getting that sorted out this morning everything fingers crossed at the moment is working properly.  The fuse took out the fridges and the freezers as well.  Deep sigh.  Apart from that little bit of excitement/head scratching (you would not believe it but this morning before we realised I had found my stash of fuses). Turned out it was one of the socket boards that had caused a problem.  Fortunately I had a brand new spare.

I have not been to the veg shop today deciding to make use of what I have and then probably getting fresh next week when I am a bit more sorted. 

I have been to the Co-Op though, done the lottery and bought a few cleaning bits. Very minimal for me.

I am not cooking tonight but we had a rare Classic McDonalds which has more than filled me up with a banana milk shake.  

In between I have been doing other housework, pacing myself and having a rest every so often.  It just takes the pressure off my back and helps me get things done eventually. During the rests I have been on Ebay and purchased a few things that took my eye.  Every so often I add to existing collections.  A few weeks ago I managed to pick up some cereal/pasta bowls (I would say very large cereal bowls) in the Impressions design by Franciscan.  I have added another six bowls to the collection.  I prefer a bowl for Chinese style meals or indeed pasta and I can never have too many of them.  I also collect BHS Brecon Blue and have managed to add another storage container and water pitcher to the set I have. 

The other bits are embroidered items some of which are going to be utilised into the random scrap bedspread; I intend to mix embroidered and  cotton patchwork pieces as well.  I have also been building up the stash of cotton for patchwork.  On the embroidery front I am gradually building bits up.

I have also added a couple more vintage pieces to my embroidered and needlepoint picture stash.  So much hard work goes into them its a shame for them not to be displayed and appreciated. They will join the pieces I have made. I have lots of plans on how to use them  I intend to have all my vintage pieces displayed on a wall all together but out of the sunlight as I do not want them to fade.  I also want to make my own cushion covers/panels .  I have also been collecting together pine picture frames with cheap prints in as I intend to recycle the frames and put some of the embroideries I have in them as well.  So on the QT a lot of collecting has been going on behind the scenes.  There is always something going on even when I do not speak of things. I am always dabbling in the background. (hubble bubble toil and trouble) bit of this and bit of that!

I have a piece of knitting on the go at the moment.  Not sure whether it is for me or as a present yet.  Will see how it knits up.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.



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