Sunday, 25 March 2018

Bit out of sync

Courtesy of moving the clocks forward.  Pleased for the lighter nights and more opportunities to be in the light -  will help with my Vitamin D Levels.  The new Vitamin D pills seem to be working that much better thank goodness.

I am always the same in the first week to ten days when the clocks "Spring forward" until my body clock adjusts. When its darker I tend not to get stuck into projects basically because I cannot see what I am doing.  Now to make the most of the lighter nights and step things up a gear.  Thus far I feel very much that I have not managed to accomplish what I had intended to for one reason or another so I really need to get a wriggle on as I am really behind.  Need some concerted concentrated effort to go in.  The Spring cleaning also needs doing.  I need to get a lot more organised especially on the food front but it will get sorted eventually.  Now is the rundown of the freezers in time for re-stocking with fresh items  in ready for next winter's stockpile and I certainly want to get the garden producing a little bit of stuff particularly on the salad front so that I don't have to buy salad leaves from the shop.  I am hoping in the greater scheme of things to eat a lot more healthily and to try and lose some pounds in the process whilst at the same time put down lots of good ingredients for the winter months and to get stuck in on the preserving a bit at a time.  Little tweaks introducing new to me things a bit at a time so they are part of a well-rehearsed routine and it becomes second nature.

Easter weekend is also the first main holiday weekend in the year with lots of families going away whilst the children are off school just for a few days. Once upon a time our lives revolved around the children's commitments and when you don't have children in the house you tend to forget the timings a little.  However I do hope the Beast from the East Part 3 does not arrive as when you go away for a few days you don't actually want to be snowed in or in a position where travelling is not safe especially if you are somewhere new.

Righ am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



There is a new season of Return to the Chateau on this evening at 8:00pm on Channel 4 which I shall watch and then start to get things ready for work tomorrow before curling up and reading he next tranche of my book.  

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