Saturday, 17 March 2018

Good morning its snowing.....

Here in Peterborough.  Just started with a light sprinkling but the wind is gusting well and has been for most of the night.  Needless to say I have the house nice and warm but it is perishing outside.

This morning did not start how I had intended it to.  I went comatose, overslept and was woken up by the Postman and a Jack Russell barking her head off.  So more than a little behind on what I had planned for today, but hey these things were sent to try us.  I will open my parcels in a little while at the moment am concentrating on the kitchen and have popped on here for my coffee break.  Mazawatti coffee just what the Doctor ordered (for those of you not in the know a cup of milky coffee with a tot [small] drop of Rum in it).  Warms you up nicely especially in cold weather.  

I had hoped to get to the tip today but that is not going to happen now so that may well have to wait until next week before that can be accomplished more's the pity and by that time I think there will be more junk besides to add to the pile.  Ever upwards and onwards.

Although snowing and cold outside (it is only sprinkles but its snowing) it is still a bright day and the sun is trying to peep through the clouds a promise that Spring and better weather is not far away.  I do hope so as all this cold weather not doing me any good.

Right back to the sorting out.

Catch you soon.




  1. Good luck with your sorting out, Pattypan.. I have been trying to accomplish the same but slow work.. Rewarding, though when I finally get some of it out of the house.. xo

  2. Hi Faye

    The sorting out is a continual thing but with working full time I don't get much time to really set to so I have to do when the time and the energy levels are right. Quite a bit of stuff just lately has found itself to the local charity shop so it is a win win situation. It is slow work but as you say very rewarding when another section has been cleared and very rewarding. Take care and thanks for popping by. Tricia (aka Pattypan) xx


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