Saturday, 10 March 2018

Its been a busy old week

Hello everyone, it would appear that I have some newbies following and for that I am grateful  and for all you regulars following my rambles.  Get yourself comfy with a mug of tea (or your choice) of drink and start to read.  I have been a blogger for about 10 years and so there are quite a few older posts on all sorts of different things.

I have had a lot to do this week and hardly had time to have five minutes to come up for air and smell the roses.  Things have been going on.  Despite having worked all week to try and get the bedroom tidy for the new bed I did not achieve it and have had to re-arrange delivery.  So another effort is being put in to get everything ship shape and Bristol fashion for Wednesday this week when they will redeliver.

OH treated me out to a bacon and sausage bun and he had a full breakfast at our local little café called Ferraris. It has recently been taken over by a couple and they are managing to turn it around.  Lots of the regulars are still using it and they have even managed to get new customers in.  Its a proper old fashioned little café cheap cheerful terribly clean and the food is good.  The company is good as well.  They are always up for a laugh. Its nice to see one still in existence.  They used to be the norm when I was growing up but so few remain around this way.

My veg shop is struggling as well.  They are quite cheap on prices and Caroline does some lovely flower bouquets she has a real knack  with them.  We were talking generally  and I said well I always have a sack of potatoes off you on average every six weeks during the winter months, and I said that I had had comments from people saying why would I buy a sack of spuds they would go off before I used them and they would not be fresh if I bought in such large quantities.  Most potatoes are kept in store and by the time that we get them on the shop floor they are probably 8 to 9 months old having been kept in a large store during that time.  Caroline also indicated that clients had said to her that the potatoes were "mucky" and they did not like that.  A bit of soil or more commonly these days peat actually helps keep the potatoes longer.  Carrots are a prime example.  If you buy them washed and in a polythene bag they will go off relatively quickly.  If clamp them (even the bought ones) in peat then they will keep that bit longer.  

On thing I do believe though is that we have all become heavily reliant on foods that are prepared and done for us.  In one way that makes us lazier as well as costs us more on our pocket.  Shops like the veg shop should be used more as they are relatively cheap and you get far more for your money.  Well that is my experience in any event.  I am afraid that if people don't use them we will end up losing them and that would be a real shame.  You cannot beat a proper Greengrocers.  The other thing I believe is that people do not really know what to do with the ingredients these days (another side effect of having something all neatly prepared and packaged for you).

This evening we have not had much for tea although what we have had had has been very nice.  I did a couple of large potatoes each for OH and I and baked them in the oven (rather than microwave them which is what I tend to do for the week.  However the weekend calls for a much more laid back approach to cooking and for things to take their time and so I baked them in the oven for about an hour and a half.  We then had them served with cheese and butter and I also had coleslaw which I think really lifts the flavour.  OH has been very good and has not had pasta, rice, potatoes or bread (all carbs) since the Doctor ordered him off and so for a treat he has had them (his blood pressure and sugar levels have come down well since then) but we have kept an eye on what he has had and so are not mixing the carbs.  It will be a while if and when he has them again so is tantamount as a treat for him.  It was nice to have proper baked potatoes as they certainly to my mind have a lot more flavour.

I have been doing a lot of surfing on ebay and have had one or two little wins on vintage embroidery  and also vintage linens.  I like good quality things although I don't always believe in paying full whack.  With getting the new bed I also need new linen and so have been looking out for some.  I have pillowcases but not the sheets yet.  I would also in due course like to get a couple of feather eiderdowns but we shall have to wait and see what happens.  I have a part prepared very long post and photo heavy one to come up in the next few days,  Right I am going to get a wriggle on I am slightly exhausted after my efforts of the past couple of days.  I have also turfed a load more rubbish so I think a visit to the tip will be in the offing for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




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