Sunday, 25 March 2018


Well I have come up for air and decided to be a little bit sociable - have to show willing.  I am still not through my book but boy am I enjoying it.  I really love the way that she manages to weave fact and fiction together to keep the reader in the palm of her hand.  I have also read Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel is the final book in the trilogy. I am about three quarters of the way through Citadel.  A lot of the facts are historically correct in it and were qualified by a programme I saw purely by chance on the War in France and in Europe which really helped to put things in perspective for me and also being relevant to the book I am reading.  It more than qualified it.  What are the chances of that happening under normal circumstances.  I could have quite happily carried on reading but felt I had to come up for air for a while and then go back to it later on although my natural inclination is to carry on reading.
The sun has also risen today and put a different complexion on the weather completely after the rain of yesterday.  I have been badly stiff for the past few days - I think because of the rain and I am still stiff so I suspect we have more rain or cold weather to come.  Just stick me on a wall I make a very good barometer.

In the greater scheme of things I am glad that I have rested up in one sense.  I have been very tired and my glands in my neck are up.  Some of the girls at work have had colds but have still continued to come into work with them so my fingers are crossed that I am not heading for something.  The sleeping, the reading and the rest will help in the longer run.  Sometimes you just have to take time out.

I am hoping that the Beast from the East part 3 does not show up for Easter weekend as I would quite like to take advantage of the few days off work and get stuck in on some projects at home which will give me a clearer run at things.  Some jobs need longer than others.  The shed needs sorting out - I still have stuff that needs to go in there Kilner jars, Ball jars etc. as that is where i keep most of my preserving stuff.  I also need to give the shed a coat of preservative and I need a relatively dry day for that. I would also like to get the stone shed sorted out for all the gardening equipment to go into.  I will need OHs assistance with that though. As I have said before I also need to start tidying in the garden and getting planters sorted out etc.  It will happen but I do need that dry day or two which is not cold in order to achieve quite a bit in a very short time frame available.  Have to make the most of it all the way round.

Fortunately, now the clocks have changed will be able to get on a bit more of an evening when I get home from work as well which will make a bit of a difference.

Right off to get a wriggle on catch you later.



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