Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tumble drier sheets

The following post is not an advertisement for any company, indeed none of my posts are.  They reflect things which I find useful or that work for me nothing more and are completely my subjective view.

I have a tumble drier which during the winter months I use on a regular basis however in the summer months I rely on line drying.  When I bought my tumble drier I went and bought some drier sheets and then found out my particular tumbler you could not use the sheets with.  So I was left to all intent and purposes with tumble drier sheets that I could not use. Never say never.  I still buy tumble drier sheets just not for the tumbler.  I use them in my shoes and trainers and they work wonderfully well at freshening them up I have a problem with my feet getting a bit warm but since I have been using this method I have had no problems at all.  They work marvellously in trainers too.  I have found it removes any unwanted odours which trainers are renouned for.

I also interleave a few sheets inbetween items that are being stored long term and between the freshly dried and laundered towels.  I have recently laundered three sets of curtains and I have interleaved the drier sheets inbetween each curtain as well they smell fab. So I do buy drier sheets but dont use them in the way intended.  Oh and I only ever buy them when they are on offer.  

Rubbing a tumble drier sheet over clothes that are full of static also helps release the electric and makes them more comfy to wear.

Oh and they are very good at defluffing clothes especially if you have pets that shed on a regular basis.  So there is much more to the simple tumble drier sheet than expected.  A constant problem here however alleviated by this little tip.

I also pop one in the laundry basket to help alleviate any unnecessary odours whilst laundry is awaiting washing.

So lots of uses for the humble tumble drier sheet.

Is there anything you buy regularly and use just not the way it was intended for? If so what, and how do you use it.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan x

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