Monday, 19 March 2018

Using Jam Jars in the Fridge

The humble or not so humble jam jar can be used in many ways. These ones above are available from Wilkinsons and are very much like the Bonne Maman jam jars.  Ideal for keeping bits and bobs in, in the fridge and quite cheaply.

I do not use jam jars just for keeping preserves in.  I also use them for other things like :

  • storing pork dripping in;
  • making whole milk yogurt in my slow cooker;
  • Taking the pots of yogurt to work as part of your lunch.
  • storing the remnants of a good gravy in the fridge so that you can use it as a base for gravy for another meal.  It is sacrilege to waste such a thing especially when you have taken time and effort to make it up. Take this week for example.  We have had roast pork for dinner on Sunday and I have Lincolnshire pork sausages for Toad in the hole for dinner one night during the week and some of the gravy will get used up then.  It is very much a matter of waste not want not and getting the most of what you actually have to hand.
  • Home Made Mayonnaise;
  • Breakfast oats;
  • Soaking porridge oats for breakfast ala microwave for breakfast with the addition of dried fruits or adding some fresh or even a dollop of jam;
  • Keeping home made salad dressings in.
  • Storing home made dips in.
  • Storing the remnants of some cream in.  As I have said before I prefer glass.
  • Making home made Feta and storing it in oil in the fridge;
  • Making preserved mushrooms in oil in the fridge.
  • Short term preserves like leek relish and onion relish for use in sarnies.

In all reality I prefer using glass than the polythene boxes but somewhere down the line you do have to use what you can find and if there is nothing in glass in the same shape as the polythene then you really do not have much choice but personal preference is glass as it can always be sterilised and kept clean.  The other thing about glass is that you can see the contents quite easily especially on the fridge shelf.

For the short term use on the above items I do not use a replacement lid each time.  There is no need and I just sterilise the jar lids in boiling water and sterilising solution before re-using them again.

So more ways in which to use the humble jam jar apart from preserves.  It keeps things nicely and tidily and you can easily see what you have and do not have in there a big boon for everyone especially if you have a frantic family life.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I also use jam jars for so many things! I save most of the jars that come from the store, like jams, pickles, etc. My kids think it's funny that I have a cabinet full of saved jars. But I prefer to use glass and so I always have a storage container on hand when needed. :-)


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