Sunday, 11 March 2018

Vintage Embroidery, linen, lace, Transfers and bits and bobs

Many months later on and I am still collecting bits together to use in a vintage style bedspread/quilt for my bedroom. I have decided that I am going to put pink, cream and green fabrics with it also as those are the predominant colours for my room.  I also intend to embellish with other embroidery stitches as well as you would if you were making a full blown crazy patchwork.  So it is going to be a long project  and I will buy a few bits and pieces here and there as I go along.  Any pieces of linen left over I shall keep as they will come into their own for me to embroider little bits and bobs on so that I get the most out of everything I am buying or indeed to embroider and then make something out of like coathanger covers, little needlecases,hankie cases, pyjama case, lingerie case scented lavender sachets (if you dry your own lavender it smells absolutely amazing) there are all sorts of things you can do but you have to have the stash first, some time to play and a lot of inspiration.

Here are a few of the most recent deliveries I have had. There are still some bits and bobs to come.  There are a few pictures though to add to my needlework collection (pictures I have found second hand, or bought off ebay, or handwork that is just that little bit different - someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble in creating these works of art so if I see something I like then if it is not too expensive then I will buy it.  I also have pieces I am still working as well.

These are some things I bought last year;

Two kits to work

A small piece of completed needlepoint with butterflies on which I intend to go into the centre of a cushion cover. I thought that it would go rather nicely with the other butterfly needlepoint I have on the go.  I also have another butterfly kit on its way.  Thought that they might sit well in my reproduction Bentwood rocking chair.  (I have two rocking chairs and beautiful fiddleback pine one which is in my bedroom).

I have another butterfly panel that is part worked  - I started it last year and it is another UFO.  I might dig it out and start on that again as I did manage to do quite a bit on it.

I also have a couple of poppy panels to use in a couple of more cushions.  I have quite a lot of countryside themed pottery i.e. Alfred J Meakin Poppy Dinner service and other bits and bobs, the Noritake Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady dinner service.  I am still looking to add to this.  I bought the original set from a car boot for a 6 piece set for £12.50.  I also have a lot of other Country Diary items.  Just recently I also bought a set of mugs in a beige and white which have a relief of a Hare in the countryside.  I love Hares I think that there is something pretty special about them.  I also have wildflower items so many of my schemes are based in nature.

The following pieces were already worked and I really love these pieces.  There is so much work that goes into them.  I plan to have these in my best room but that wall has to be sun free to preserve the colour and integrity of these pieces so here they may well up on the wall up the stairs but I have a picture in my head that they should be in the best room - the dream house.  I am doing and planning things to bring and move this forward as best as I can but I still need divine intervention.

I have also added more of these types of kits or more finished pieces to my stash. In reality I suspect that a lot of these will get worked if and when I retire!  However I do intend to get them sorted well before then.

This picture below is hand-painted on what appears to be silk.  I managed to get it off the market for a couple of pounds but it does have some water damage on the silk you can see this on what appears to be a wavy line further down on the picture.  I am wondering whether to use the steam cleaner on the frame part of this picture only  to see if I can remove some of the watermarking. The watermarking damage appears to be on the over-mount rather on the painted piece itself.  Or if any of you have any ideas they would be gratefully received.

As this post is quite long and photo heavy I have continued this on a separate post. 

I have quite a passion for needlecrafts and art work of all sorts and although I would only class myself as a novice compared to some of the work that has gone into these pieces.  I hope my collection at the end of the day will help preserve this glorious work and give me a lot of pleasure in the meantime Beautiful pieces help lift my spirits on a grey day.

Catch you soon with the follow up to this post.



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