Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Monday night catch up

I had intentions of starting to deep clean the kitchen this evening after a busy day at work.  However it was not to be.  OH could not make up his mind what he wanted to eat and in the end I went to the shop to see if there was anything nourishing that could be had.  Not much choice and I ended up bringing back a small joint of brisket and we have had that with mashed potatoes, shredded cabbage, mixed veg, (cauliflower, broccoli and carrot)and peas with Yorkshire pudding and lashings of gravy.  Despite taking a little while to cook and it being a late supper it was tasty if I do say so myself and OH certainly tucked in.  Not the sort of thing you really want to be doing after a long day at work.  So my plans were scuppered for this evening.  However OH has instructions to cook a  chilli for tomorrow evening's tea I have already given him due warning what I am intending to do and it is not to cook a roast dinner for tomorrow night.  I believe someone is thoroughly spoilt.

It has been a busy day at work as usual and I met my friend for lunch like we usually do but for the best part today has been a dully miserable and wet day the sort of wet day that really gets into your bones. I don't think it has helped as I have a bad cold and a horrendous sore  throat and am having to drink an awful lot.  I think a glass of Cassis with a little hot water in it might help soothe the old throat before I go to bed.  Ihate these sorts of days I hated them as a child too. Then I used to press my nose up close to the window and just stare out willing it to stop raining as it was keeping me housebound.  

All the clean clothes are sorted for tomorrow and I am soon going off to bed to do a little more needlepoint before I turn in.  I also have to feed the furry felines all five of them and it becomes a bit of a screaming match come tea time as they all want to be first in line.  OH has beef sarnies to take with him to work so I think that is all the bases covered.

Hope you have a good day and I hope that the weather is better than it was on Monday.

Catch you soon.



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