Saturday, 7 April 2018

Out for another meal

this evening.  We went back to the pub we went to the other day.  Today though we both had the carvery.  He had a large plate - I had a standard.  The large was too big for him the standard was a little too large for me but the meal was delicious.

For pudding I just asked for ice cream. I had blue bubblegum which did not taste like bubblegum at all white chocolate and then mint and chocolate chip.  Nice ice cream.  What I did not know was that OH had gone and got other things as well.  At this particular pub you can take the desserts or cake home with you.  He came back from paying pleased as punch with himself and just handed me a carrier bag.  When  I looked inside there was a piece of carrot cake and an éclair.  Not standard size at all but humungous.

The Carrot cake  - I think it is going to take me three attempts to eat this - not tonight as I am stuffed.

The éclair which is the size of a baguette.

His Highness holding both!  I have heard of holding your own but that is ridiculous.  At least he has a smile on his face (or is that a grimace)!

Catch you soon.




  1. ha ha!
    Such small servings!


  2. Not so I did not eat it all. it looked nicer than it was.!

    Hope you are keeping well.



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