Sunday, 15 April 2018

Planned for the evenings during the week a little gardening to soothe the soul

Now that the nights are far lighter I am trying to plan ahead again.  I am usually shattered when I get home from work so a little time in the garden should not come amiss and help restore my inner peace and serenity.  Sometimes under the surface it is bubbling to such an extent that I feel I am going to explode and that is what I am trying to do at all costs avoid explosions.

A while back I purchased some oval tubs from B & amp; M the idea being that I would plant some strawberries in two of them and some veggie seeds in the other two.  Because of the weather that has not happened yet but is about to.  I have some of the strawberry plants I have just to get a couple of bags of compost and then that will be another thing ticked off the list and then hopefully some strawberries for tea during the summer.

Yesterday I bought herbs for the herb garden 12 mixed plants including Tarragon, Coriander, Dill, thyme, lemon thyme, parsley, chervil, Rosemary,  and 4 chive., two basil and a thyme  Wild strawberries are ordered and once I can get into the shed will set some seed.  I also have a couple of growing lettuce trays and also intend to set some myself and also some mustard and cress.  Now its getting lighter I can potter a bit in the garden in  the evening after work.

There are also six miniature roses in yellow pink and white to add to tubs.  I bought these from the veg shop as they were reduced to £1 a plant. Need the pansies and the violas now and some more Ivy and trailing plants.

So a small start and am going to do a bit at a time.  Everything in moderation. That way hopefully will accomplish more i.e. doing a bit at a time rather than in one whole rush like I normally do.  Going to start doing the check lists again.  So that I know where I am. It seems to be working well for the needlework so its time to extend it to the rest of the things I have on the list to do and see if it works as well.

I also have the shed to paint and the fences to stain at some point as well.  That might cheer things up a bit.  Well that is the plan.

Now back to reality.  We have been to the tip today but OH has to go it alone tomorrow as there are still more bags to go.  We were circumvented today with how many trips we did as OH wanted to watch the Grand Prix.   There was quite a tailback when we got there as well which did not help matters.

I also aim to have the food menu sorted out a bit more this week.  Tonight we have Moules Marinaire for tea with lots of crunchy bread and butter followed by strawberries and cream.  OH did not want anything heavy so I think this might just be what the Doctor ordered.

Tomorrow evening we are having chicken breasts with peaches and peppers (Hawain chicken) [I have posted the recipe for this further back on the blog] and this is being served with rice and maybe a little side salad if OH would like this.  There will be melon and ginger to follow.

Tuesday night I think it will be spaghetti and meatballs  with some sprouting broccoli as an addition- we have not had this for a while and its quick which means more garden time for me.

Wednesday night I have hot Camembert with crudites, I have carrot, celery, cucumber, and garlic bread with tinned mixed fruit and cream for afters.  Fruit cocktail is one of OH's favourites.

Thursday night it will be a home made chicken stir fry which will use up some of the veggies.

Friday night egg and bacon or bacon sarnies or even a toastie or two.  Followed by fruit of some kind.

I always tend to keep fruit in as its one way of getting vitamins into OH and stops to some extent his craving for chocolate.

The meals planned for this week are not as heavy I want to get on in the evenings with doing various stuff as well so are not as substantial as they would normally be.  As I have said I have fruit in as well grapes, melons (water, honeydew and Ogen), kiwi fruit, bananas, plums, apples, pears.  There are also lots of veggies in the fridge so one of the meals may get swapped around depending on the shelf life of the veggies.  Don't want to waste anything.

Right I need to sort the fridge out.  Catch you later.



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