Wednesday, 4 April 2018

This and That

Its been a very busy day at work and I am absolutely shattered and to boot also have a migraine so by the time you read this post I will probably have been in bed for a good couple of hours.  I was meant to be out this evening but because of the migraine I have cancelled that preferring to chill and sleep.  Which is a pity as I had planned on doing a little more needlepoint but that will have to give way until probably tomorrow now.

I have been working the needlepoint an hour or so before I go to sleep.  It is slow going but I am slowly getting there.  The canvas is a very fine one and so every so often I am having to rest my eyes so that I do not strain them but at least it is coming up reasonably well.  I love needlepoint it is soothing and you can pick it up and put it down and just literally pick up where you left off.  On the little bit I have already shown  you I have spent approximately five hours, stabbed my finger a couple of times and ended up taking a couple of rows down as I got into a bit of a mess on the reverse side, but these things happen.  Right I had better get a wriggle on I am finding it difficult to stay awake.

Hopefully catch up again tomorrow.




  1. Hope your head is better by now, though I know one can still feel exhausted the next day.

    1. Thank you hart a lot better than I was always leaves me a bit drained but could have been worse. Take care Tri ia x


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