Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Working the Needlepoint update

I am beavering away with the needlepoint the top left hand corner is what I have managed to work on the cream so far.  I still have more colour to work but sometimes you need to work some of the background to show up where you actually need to work  - well that is my experience.  It is slow work but I am trying to work it neatly and accurately and in fairness it is not every night I get to play.  Take last night for instance could not get anywhere near as by the time I had finished what I was doing it was too late and despite OH not having to get up at 6:00am he always is and walks the dog and I am usually awake anyway although don't get out of bed before 7:00am.  I think this Briar Rose Design is one that was originally sold by John Lewis - the Coleshill collection.  I have already worked two panels of this already and there is a brand new kit in my stash yet to work but this one makes the numbers even on the cushion panel front.

I bought in 20 skeins of the Anchor cream tapisserie wool for the background of the panels. The kit had a pale green and I wanted the flowers to stand out a little more than they do with the green.  Besides I have a specific green shade that I want to use with my cushions and I do not want to mix it too much.

Once this panel is done I will then set about the  two Berlin type needlepoints to finish which have been given a Burgundy red background.  I have enough wool to finish one of the panels but I will need to source some more to complete the other. At least I have made a start which is something at the moment although I am itching to do some embroidery but that is going to have to wait a little while.  I have two Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady kits that are talking to me.  A freestyle embroidery panel for every month of the year and a cross stitch of a spray of poppies.

Right upwards and onwards I have a busy day ahead.

Catch you soon.




  1. Oh how lovely that is Tricia. I am still in quilting mode and it is years since I did any tapestry work, but it still makes my fingers twitch. Oh for a few more hours in the day.

    1. Hi BB it is one of a set of four. I already had three kits 2 of which are already worked and saw this part worked on ebay so nabbed it. I like needlepoint and find it relaxing. Whilst u r in quilting mode stay with it. I also like yiur choice for the William Morris Quilt will look super. I know about the few more hours i the day. Take care sweetheart and I hope the asthma calms down again soon xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Yarrow. It is eventually to be made up i to cushions for my front room with the help of vintage fabric embroidered and needlepoint pieces and patchwork. Thats the plan antway xx


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