Saturday, 30 June 2018

A little jaunt

It turned nippy here last night and went really cold.  It went that chilly and the wind got a bit blustery that I ended up having to put a cardigan on.  After breakfast at Ferraris our local café  this morning (this is becoming a regular jaunt on a Saturday morning when OH is home) we then went out for the day leaving Missy indoors in the cool.

OH and I decided yesterday that we were going to go to Spalding today to the Springfield Retail Centre.  A couple of weeks ago I bought the OH some new shoes some Sketchers to be precise.  Lovely shoes, but this particular pair had a fault the stitching came undone.  We therefore took them back this morning and got them replaced and also got him some new trainers as well.

From thereon in we headed for Lynn (King's Lynn) on the premise of going to the Fish Shop (wet fish shop) that he used to get all our fish from a few years ago.  We went not knowing if the shop was still there, but we also had the option of going onto Cromer if it had not of been.

Whilst on the way there a car overtook us and then the passenger kept making rude gestures through the window.  OH was starting to get a little het up but then realised that the individual concerned was indeed his son!  What are the chances of that happening 40 miles from home! We only saw them last night. Second time this has happened.  After a brief telephone call with them it transpired that they were on the way to Wells next the Sea for the day and what a lovely day to be there.  I would have liked to have gone to the coast, perhaps another weekend and then we can take Missy with us so that she can have a run on one of the more quieter beaches.  I must say that it has been relatively cool travelling in the van despite the fierce son.

Traffic was heavy and as we had not been the way we went for some 10 to 15 years there had been massive changes.  Many of the villages going from Spalding through to Lynn are now joined up and much of the open farm land has gone.  I must say I was a bit irritated with this as it was local planning gone mightily wrong.  No rhyme or reason to it.

Anyway when we got to Kings Lynn we found the Fish shop called Donaldsons and came back with loads of goodies. So fish it is for tea tonight.  We have treated ourselves to some Scallops and also some Monk Fish.  We were also provided a freezer packet with some ice blocks in to bring the fish home in.  It was still frozen by the time we unpacked the shell fish i.e. brown shrimps for me and winkles for OH.  Very tasty they were too.

So its been lovely to be out and about for a change, but I really want to be down on the South West Coast, for a paddle and wandering round rockpools. One of my favourite places is Cornwall.

Now we are busy chilling in the cool - we have the fans on in the house at the  moment and it is very refreshing.

Just chillin.

Catch you shortly.




  1. Patty I love your blog. My ancesters were British and it is so refreshing to hear your adventures. I wish life here in the US was fun as it seems there. You make it sound amazing.

    1. Hello and welcome. Lovely to hear from you. I am Glad you like I am never quite sure sometimes about my topics, as different people like different things. I just write about what I do or what I come across. I have extended family in the States so I believe from researching my family tree. Its a very small world. Take care. Pattypanxx

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day out -and I bet that fish was SO fresh. I had to giggle when it was your stepson gesticulating!

    1. Hi Jennie. That fish was so delicious and the day out has made a big difference. I like travelling at the best of times. Stepson Paul gets everywhere. He is very much a chip off the old block just like his Dad which on certain occasions is not desirable but he is a lovely lad in the long run. Hope you are all okey dokey and I hope your asthma is under control. Take care. Tricia xx

  3. I used to shop at the Springfield centre when I lived in Tydd. I did most of my shopping in Lynn or Norwich but did venture the Peterborough sometimes. My sister in law lived in Old Fletton at the time.

  4. Hi Pam, (I usually get to Peterborough and very little else so today was a real treat). I will be going to Lynn shortly though as a good friend has promised to take me shopping for my birthday present. Apparently there is a very good sewing shop there for both the ordinary and the embroidery machines. Old Fletton I know well. We go to the Italian Shop there which is where I get a lot of my pasta from and the Italian sausage. We are due to get some next week and have a gnosh. So it has been fish this weekend and pasta the next. I remember you living in Tydd aas I used to follow your blog then. Hope the utility is starting to return to normal. Take care. Tricia xx


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