Friday, 29 June 2018

Fridge Drink Dispensers

This is not an advert for a particular company just my thoughts on their very good service and very good products. I have used them several times.  Their prices have always been competitive. This is purely a recommendation from myself and totally independent of the company concerned.  I first came across this company via Ebay.

Unfortunately the drinks dispensers I bought the other day are not right for the fridge so it is to Pantry use they will be going.

However, I have found a solution.  Every so often I go trawling round ebay and buy a few more bottling/canning jars and one of the most regular firms I use is a company called Silver Mushroom.

I have been taken most recently with the new larger mouthed Kilner jars and have picked up a few here and there and have just submitted an order for 12 more.

Whilst lurking I discovered just what I was after on the drinks dispenser front and to make matters even better they are on offer should be around £23 each but on offer for about £14.95 at the moment. Here is the link

They do have limited stock on these at the moment.  However with all this hot weather we are having this will be ideal for me as I love cold drinks especially chilled or with ice.  This way round I should be able to make up a batch of home made Lemon Barley and also a bottle of chilled water as well as home made lemonade, chill it down and then just able to help ourselves as and when until the next batch needs making.

Right upwards and onwards.

I have a bit of a mess to sort out in the kitchen.  Bumble has caught the lever taps and flooded the kitchen out.  I knew there was a reason I called him Bumble.

Right off to mop up catch you later.



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