Thursday, 28 June 2018


….. comes in many forms and guises and most unexpectedly.  Thus it happened to me whilst in Asda having a nose around at some tops, checking out their bargain rail and I fell in love with a handbag made of denim.  Price £10.  I took a photo and then thought - why not.  After closer inspection it was made up of embroidered pieces, sequins, seed beads and beadwork.  Aha I thought I can do this.  I have boxes of beads, hand embroidery threads and also my soluble fusing and my embroidery machine as well as my sewing machine.  I also have pieces of denim from the scrap bag.  I only took one photo of this but it is supposed to be butterflies in a flower garden.  There was also a matching wallet.  It was only a zip top bag but I had thought that maybe it could be a fold-over version.  Creative juices are starting to run.  I think in the next few weeks and possibly when OH goes fishing that I will be getting out the embroidery machine and starting to play.  Its about time I dipped my toe in the water.

Whilst I was browsing in M & S Home Store I was looking at the bedding, and the beds.  I need new  bedding at some point as well as a new mattress and quite unexpectedly I was quite taken with this.  This is a combination of a printed fabric enhanced with embroidery.

The link to the bedding is here:

So I am hoping to sometime next week actually start playing with the embroidery machine as well as my new all rounder.  I have a lot of resources available and now its a matter of downing tools.  If it is not next week it will be the next as OH is planning on going fishing!

Catch you all soon.




  1. I hope he does manage to go fishing so you can get stuck in with your embroidery machine. I am sure you could make that bag no probs. Dawn does some really pretty designs with hers and is always getting fresh inspiration with CDs (I think most of them come from the States).


    I absolutely LOVE that bedding and wouldn't blame you for treating yourself. Good bedding is one of my "must haves" in life.

  2. I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed that he goes shortly. He is on holiday the week after next and reckons he is going for a few days then. The lake officially reopens tomorrow. So I am hoping to get quite a bit done this week so that I can actually sit and play which will be an absolute novelty. How is the patchwork coming on. Catch you soon. Tricia xx


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