Friday, 22 June 2018

Lady that lunches

I had intended posting this post at tea time 6:00pm but the computer was not playing ball again and I have only just managed to get on line.  Well as long as I can get on at some time.  

I have done absolutely nothing at all again today apart from meet up with a very good friend for lunch and we put the world to rights between us.  I took with me today a small lap quilt that I had purchased via ebay and which I was very disappointed about.  Even though I am only a novice at patchwork, I realised that the quilt had not been stitched in the ditch, the binding was very poor with the ends not having been tidied off and the cotton binding was of a poor quality you could see through it. Proper wadding had not been used and to back it a Broderie-Anglais pre-quilted fabric had been used. The quilt had also not been pressed in the direction of the dark.  I hate criticising other peoples work but I was disappointed to say the least.  Never mind will use it as a picnic quilt and start to get myself all sorted on the patchwork front as well.  I have lots of shirt material to hand which I have packaged into little Ziplock bags and stashed in one of my boxes in readiness for actually getting my recycled shirt patchwork on the go.  One of the many jobs on my list of to dos whilst I am not in work.  I still have a number of shorts to work through before the stash will be ready for action.

There was a purpose to me taking the patchwork quilt in, in that my friend is considering eventually at opening her own patchwork business and I needed to prove to her that her work was excellent - (up until now she has always played her accomplishments down) which today I think I have at long last got through on. Phew.

Otherwise it has been a very hot day, very humid so much so my hips have been playing up quite a bit and I have been struggling with the stairs and with walking very far.

After our lunch I headed on into town and tried on some new trousers.  I was quite surprised in that the trousers which I tried on for my new size were still too baggy round the waist and they were not hanging properly.  It would seem that of late I have lost a little more weight than I had thought especially round my waist.  I still have to lose some more but it would seem to be going in the right direction.  I ended up not buying any trousers but I did come away with a couple of tee shirt tops.

I also nipped up to the market and ended up buying two very large potted Lavenders for outside the kitchen window in the herb garden sector of the garden.  There were some more plants that I would have liked but there was no way I could manage them as I had also been into Wilkinsons and bought one or two new bits and bobs - some more wool for the new blanket, some new sweetcorn holders, a new pair of kitchen scales, some new plants including two Tayberries and a Loganberry and some more Honeysuckles.  They had some yellow Raspberries so I may go back for those as well.  

I am now sat having my tea together with a long glass of Rhubarb and Ginger Gin with lashings of ice and lemonade.  Lets just say that after a very hot day it is slipping down rather nicely.

The garden is all watered up as well although I have quite a bit more potting on to do tomorrow. 

Catch you soon.



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