Sunday, 22 July 2018

A bit of a haircut

Not me  - the Bay tree in the herb garden.  It has really sprouted out these past few months so much so it was making it difficult to walk down the path.  So yesterday, I started to give it a trim.  It is not tidy yet but at least I can get down the garden path.  This is what I cut off and which I have to process.  

I need the leaves for drying for use in Bay salt (used as part of the salt in curing pork), dried bay leaves for cooking, Bouquet Garni but also for some dried Christmas decorations for the Dressers in the dining room.  

This is only part of what needs to be removed, but I do not want to waste any of the leaves.  I think this will be a job for later on this evening.  Time consuming but very necessary on the culinary front and also on the C decoration front.  Its the little things at the end of the day that make all the difference.

Catch you later.



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