Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Food left to rot

I was a bit taken aback by this article as in my mind's eye it raises a number of issues.

There are many parts of the world that are starving and cannot for one reason or another grow their own crops.  So why are we a particularly wealthy nation compared to many not prioritising food.  Just because of the lack of labour and possibly having to dig in a crop or crops because of the lack of workers.

In all honesty I can understand that the fruit workers that deal with the crops now want security for their families especially in light of Brexit and if they are not being given that reassurance then there are other options as I see it.

Prior to the War years we had workers in this country that used to do this work on a regular basis.  If the fruit workers presently in place will not stay then train up teams in different areas so that the food will not be wasted.  What concerns me is that the work may be seen to be demeaning. It is not.  It is a very valuable work to supply us and the food chain.

I don't think this issue stems from greed or anything else.  I think it is the result of many decisions chopping this chopping that changing this not allowing that which has resulted in this position from several different veins with whoever is making the decisions making the decision for now rather than long term planning.

The other thing that concerns me is that this is one farm.  How many more farms where this decision is being made.  It is utterly ridiculous, wasteful, immoral and downright senseless especially when there are so many people starving, living below the breadline.  If the crop is to be written off why not open it up to those who cannot feed their own properly the same as the waste from supermarkets is not technically waste but not always classed as fit for eating because of the sell by dates.

The food chain in this country is not good.  We heavily rely on supermarkets - where I can I tend to source the independents as some things are too dear in the supermarkets for what they are and you end up paying a premium and through the nose. Supermarkets do not to my mind provide adequately for parents on the pricing to feed themselves and their children.  When you have growing children in the house they have appetites and when you are on a low income you do not necessarily have the wherewithal to feed them properly.  At the end of the day, if there were any other kind of war (which I hope there will not) we will be left to fend for ourselves and stockpile what we can for ourselves and feed ourselves as it stands.  It will be no one else's responsibility but our own.  In reality today that is also very much the case in day to day living. We do what we can with what we have.

If crops like this are going to be continually wasted how about stockpiling it by various methods as part of a Government body or is that too simplistic a point of view on my part.  Then it could be used in times of need for the whole of the country rather than just being wasted.  We pay taxes etc to the Government for the use of this that and the other.  At the end of the day a country should be able to feed its own first, and then any surplus being distributed where there is a need.

I am not sure whether I have voiced my rambling thoughts in their most forceful way but what concerns me is the waste of valuable resources due to a logistics issue.  Use some of the unemployed (who are able, train them up, and if the following year they still have no work - use them again - seasonal work it may be.  Train some of our younger people off.  It is work, not to be sniffed at or too proud to do because you have a degree in this or that!  It is a valuable need.

Could I have your thoughts on this please ladies and gents.  What do you think we should do what system do you think should be in place to stop this WASTE!

l look forward to hearing from you.




  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! There should be a system in place to stop the waste of precious food. Not what that could be I haven't a clue.

    I watched *and can not forget* a grocer tossing 2-cabinets full of pastries at the end of the day in the garbage. When ask why he stated that the grocery store chain didn't allow donation. I was shocked. He also said that someone could claim illness and the GSC could and probably would be held responsible. He said that they do that every night before closing. I could have cried. The local food bank would have dropped to their knees to received such a bounty from the store. As far as I know it is done in every GSC in our town and others i'm sure.

    You will see field of vegetables rotting around here when they could be donated. Apples being one fruit in the fall orchards not far from here. Rotting on the ground when they could be picked up and processed into food for food banks.

    The world we live has thousands starving every day because of food waste and we could stop hunger with the food that is wasted.

    It's a shame that sits on our shoulders and a burden we seem to try to ignore. :( I'm as guilty as the next person as well.

    We have a food bank at our church and once a month I donate a certain amount of food/money to keep it stocked. Each Tuesday the ladies club makes up boxes and each Tuesday by end of day the boxes are picked up by the people needing food.

    Pattypan...You have brought up a great topic that we could solve ... IF

  2. Hi Jake

    Thank you for your reply. Fully agree. If it could be placed in the hands of the Food Banks - they would know who were genuine and who were trying to pull a fast one. In this day and age there is no need for people to starve in fact it is unacceptable. We all have a responsibility as you say at the end of the day. That could well be you or I (In fact have been in a similar situation but managed to sort it out myself with careful planning. With a bit of careful planning it could be sorted out. I am going to pop up the post on Facebook and see what happens. Thank you for coming back to me your input has been very helpful. Take care Tricia (aka Pattypan)


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