Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Good morning

An early start at 6:00am as we had slabs to move out of the van as another consignment is due this evening.  We managed to get them all in and I have started in the garden and have just stopped for the first coffee break of the morning.  Was a little overcast but warm when I got up sun is now trying to come out to play but there would appear to be a breeze.  Lot of clouds went over and I was hopeful of some rain but nothing doing thus far.

The mint has done exceptionally well this year and I have some herb cuttings  to turn into some mint butter for the freezer.  Should be lovely with potatoes out of season.  I have plenty to go at to eat seasonally at the moment.  

There is also long keeping mint sauce, mint vinegar, dried mint (for mint tea.

I also have a lot of Basil to turn into pesto, the oregano to dry and some garlic and parsley butter to make later on in the day.

So herbie things planned for today as well as the garden.  Its funny how one thing leads to another.

Talking of herbs; I have found a new Herbie food site which might interest some of you.  I received a notification from Land Love magazine to take part in a competition.

Link here:

Which took me to here:

Then I clicked on the link to the British Herb Kitchen within the worded paragraph which brought me to:

Convoluted I know.  I have posted the links as there may be other bits of interest within the various links that might appeal to some of you as well.

However the British Herb Kitchen website is lovely and promises to be so much more.  The whole point of the blog is to raise awareness about the traditional quintessential herbs that over the years have gone out of fashion, and providing recipes and ingredients to complement those dishes on a monthly box scheme system.  It works out if you apply for this month for the whole 12 months subscription at £24.12 per box rather than £28.95.  It also provides complimentary ingredients for some of the recipes some of which are also new  like Hill Farm Rapeseed Oil, Hodemedod Blue peas (link here to Hodmedod which has a lot of interesting recipes and pulses, as well as vegetarian recipes).

so in a roundabout way both sites will be teaching new recipes, introducing you to different ingredients, supporting an Artisan groups by the sounds of things as well but they are offering unusual ingredients and the wherewithal to actually use them.  

There is also a link to Flower and White Meringues and Muffins (Meringz and Muffinz). Ideal for puddings in an Eton Mess, however if you look on the British Herb Kitchen website there is a recipe for Meringues which sounds absolutely yummy.  Locally we have a lady who comes every so often with very large home made meringues and other goodies.  She sets up stall in the Queensgate Centre. They are scrumptious and I only buy them when there is an offer on or they are being reduced.  However if you can make them yourselves and produce your own flavourings from dried home dried fresh fruit powdered etc. it might add something else to your kitchen table throughout the year and indeed the winter months.  I am thinking raspberries dried in my dehydrator here.  Once the kitchen is sorted this is something I intend to attend to.

Basically I went through the ingredients list of the British Herb Kitchen for the month of July and also the recipes that are on the website which all sound extremely yummy and traced the producers from the internet.

I must categorically state that this is not an advert for these companies as I came upon the information inadvertently myself and thought that some of you might also be interested.  I, like many others am wary of ingredients that I am not sure of, but from what I can see from the recipes they are actually appealing to me and are things I would consider making.  I tend to try things and then if we like them and they work for us then I add them to the repertoire.  Otherwise I don't make them again.

Right the garden calls.

Catch you soon.



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