Sunday, 1 July 2018

Just a quick pop in

As now things are starting to chill down a bit, I have work to do and no procrastination has been allowed for I have work to do. It has been far too hot here today we have been inside for most of it.  

We went and bought two fans one for the dining room and one for the lounge.  I may go again and get another one yet for the bedroom.  Will wait and see on that one but it is a possibility.  These fans are large, pokey and do and half circulate the air which freshens everything up very nicely which in this hot weather is just what the Doctor ordered.  I could also do with the water dispensers I ordered being delivered reasonably soon so that we can get lovely chilled drinks when we want them.  I went round to get some more drinks today but a lot of what OH and I like was not in stock unfortunately.  I therefore bought two large bottles of water, so will just make use of the water and what we have at home.  It was the same on the ice cream front.

Whilst out (we went later than intended) OH took me out for my lunch which went down very nicely.  We may or may not have the Monkfish later, but it is nicely cold in the fridge in any event so if we do not have it today it will be tomorrow at the latest.  I think I will have to give the garden a longer drenching tonight as I think today has been hotter than yesterday.  

Last night I managed to do a few more rows on my blanket, but I fall asleep when I am doing it.  Must be a heat and age thing.  I will keep plodding on nonetheless.

Oh I wish I was down in Cornwall whilst this weather is in full swing as you can always have a paddle or go and have a dunk to cool things down a little.  Ah well such is life.

Am of to pottle.  Catch you soon.




  1. We had rain this afternoon, nice and gentle so it soaked in rather than running off and down the drains. It has slowed down to a fine drizzle but the air is cool and fresh, lovely.

  2. Hi Pam, Rain, what is that we have not seen it for quite a while here. You are quite right it does freshen things up we could do with a little here to do the same and so that I can get the water barrel stocked up again. Hope you are okay. Take care Tricia xx


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