Monday, 16 July 2018

Monday Catch Up

What a busy day.  Up at 6:00am as OH had been asked to go in earlier due to the fact that some of the staff were on holiday and it had left them short on the floor.  So I got up with him, and sorted some bits out for him and then started to potter on the computer, trying to sort my email inbox out as it has got a little over-crowded.  At least I have made a start in weeding out the rubbish.

Then it was a matter of sorting out some clothing to go out in.  When I am at home and doing housework I tend to potter in old clothes that you would not be seen dead in but which are ideal for doing housework in.  Then the electric went and I reset it and put it on to emergency, went tootling round to the shop and the machine was out of order.  I have since been in this evening and they have repaired it but I have not managed to get back in to get the card topped up so that is something will have to do first thing tomorrow morning.

I then walked into town; it was muggy hot and uncomfortable and fortunately I had taken and have been taking a bottle of water with me in this weather as I do not want to get dehydrated; so as I was walking along and I felt the need I was topping myself up as I was going along.  I met with my friend we had a good gas and a lovely meal.  She had a puttanesca and I had a Lasagna and we had some chips between us.  Boy was it a  good meal.  So much so I was stuffed for a meal tonight but I got OH something in any event.

Whilst in town I nipped into B & M and got stocked up on new cleaning equipment, brushes, something called an extending noodle (cobweb duster) and a brush that I can attach the water hose to so that I can clean the windows.  That will also save having to pay out for a window cleaner.  I also spotted a beer kit in B & M so I have bought one and also intend to make that up in the next few days or so.  I also bought some collapsible boxes which are a plain pinky colour which will come in useful for either keeping sewing stuff in or for shoes in the bottom of my wardrobe.

When I came back it was just too hot to do anything so I didn't do anything.  When OH came home and had walked Missy we both had a cold drink and sat down for a chat and the next thing I woke up about 8pm.  OH had fallen asleep too.  Fortunately it had cooled down a bit and I was able to get on and get the garden watered up.  Not only have I cherry tomatoes, figs and strawberries but there is going to be a decent crop of oregano as well as salad leaves.

I have had a few deliveries today.  My Quince trees have arrived two of, and I got them out of their wrapping.  I must say that they were well packed with straw so that the leaves did not get damaged and were well wet.  I have given them a small soak this evening as well and will try and get  them into their new bigger pots tomorrow.  

My water butt stands also arrived as did my fermenting buckets.  So sometime this week some house wine will get made.  Will probably have a session of making the wine and the beer on Friday afternoon.  I have the water butts to re-site in any event so that will probably be at the weekend also.

 I have some serious gardening to do tomorrow hence another early start.  My veggie plants will be arriving in the next three days and I need to clear the plants I have in order to make progress with the veg beds. I also need to get rid of the garden rubbish bags in the back garden.  We will be going to the tip this weekend.  So quite a bit of work to do tomorrow, most of which will be outside, but some out of necessity inside.  Some more of the slabs have also arrived and some more are due tomorrow.

Right had better get on still a lot to do before retiring up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.

Catch you sometime tomorrow.



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