Saturday, 28 July 2018

Phew that's better

After last night's storm its freshened everything up a bit thank goodness.  We had rain on and off all night and a shower this morning.  It is comfortable now even though the sun is still out.

This morning has been quiet.  We went off for breakfast at Ferraris Café something we do every weekend.  See link here:  Ferraris.

It is under new management and has been for approximately six months.  I would not go in before as I did not feel comfortable, it did not feel clean and was very Clique!  You did not feel welcome when you walked through the door.  However under the New management of Laura and Johnny the place is clean the food is very good value for money and tasty.  The place is buzzing especially on a Saturday morning.  Everyone is made to feel very welcome and it is now very much a place of community.

Since coming back OH has gone to fetch the van which is now running perfectly.  

I have been to the charity shop and found two more very large pine picture frames for some of the vintage pieces of embroidery that I already have.  These two are a little bigger than the ones found before, but no matter I will get mounts made to reflect this as brand new frames cost an arm and a leg.  I paid £8 for the pair.  I also found two smaller photograph frames for £3.  So a nice little haul which I was not expecting.

Now it is time to get on in the garden.  I have more to do and more rubbish to get rid of.  It will be the tip tomorrow when I have a lot more stuff to go.  I told you that I was having a major clear out, but it is a section at a time i.e. am concentrating on the garden first.  I want to be able to have family barbecues and take advantage of outdoor eating with both family and friends.  I have my eye on some new patio furniture as well which is currently in the sale.  OH promised me a garden swing for my birthday last year as well which still has not materialised so I am hoping to get that as well.  So lots of plans.

Then it will be decorate and sort out the bathroom and put new flooring in as well.  Want all the decorating done in the summer months so its nice and clean and dries out nicely.

Well that's the plan.  Now off to the garden.  Catch up later on.


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