Thursday, 26 July 2018

Recycling Large Water Bottles in the Garden

OH drinks an awful lot of water - he does not have lots of tea or coffee preferring a cold drink so it is more sensible to have something he wants and can have.  This leads to an awful lot of water bottles over a short period of time and for the bigger bottles at least at the moment I am recycling them in the garden as cloches for vulnerable plants.  Ideally I really don't want anything plastic that ends up in the oceans affecting our wildlife, but until they ban it all or get off their backsides and stop it with immediate effect rather than two or three years down the line when further damage has been done we either recycle it or bin it.  Not an ideal situation.  Because I am a cheap skate as well if I can utilise something that is then classed as "rubbish" I will do.

The labels on these bottles come off relatively easily after just a good soak in some hot water and washing up liquid

I believe that if suppliers offered an incentive i.e. return bottles and get 10p for doing so then they should go for it on all bottles whether glass or plastic as it may help keeping clutter off the streets as well in the longer term saving resources which is just as important.  I do something similar whenever I give a jar of preserve to a friend as a present I always have one request.  Could they please give me the jars back.  I recycle them but each lid is always new and I do not reuse the lids.  That way I preserve the integrity of the preserve and keep the contents clean and sterile and save pennies on forking out for new jars or bottles otherwise it just ends up in landfill.

I am also recycling standard sized pop bottles cutting the bottle into rings/collars.  I have a lot of cabbages, cauliflower, spinach, Kale, Broccoli, etc in pots but I am also realistic in that we have slugs and snails in the garden.  I remove them when I can and rehome them somewhere else but I will under no circumstances use slug pellets as I have cats and a dog.  I thought that the collars would help give a little protection to the young plants.  With a bit of care they can be recycled again and again and it makes a cheap solution to a prolific problem.

How do you recycle your plastic bottles/jars etc.

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  1. I think there are pet-safe slug pellets as I found some one year. Yup, just checked and they are called Slug Gone, but there are several other different ones on Amazon. I imagine covering your plants in this weather with plastic (even at night) will cause mould problems.

  2. Hi BB did the plants before the hot weather for the cloches have not suffocated any of them fortunately. Only just finalised the post though. Thanks for the tip about the slug pellets. Not heard of those before. Hope everything okay with you. xx

  3. Why do you not use tap water to fill up some of the bottles?

  4. Hi Jill, we do. Geoff is Diabetic and drinks one of these during a day in any event. With the water shortage threatened I have been adding to the stash as it is just not OH and me for water we have the five cats and our Jack Russell as well. Whether I stockpile or not it always gets used up. I am not fond of tap water for drinking as I can taste the fluoride so now have my dispensers in the fridge things are a little easier. Thanks for popping by. Pattypanx


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