Saturday, 28 July 2018

Saturday Continued

…….following on from early on!

We nipped off to the butchers at Willowbrook Farm.  Ended up buying some steak, a topside joint for tomorrow, a whopping chicken, a cooked ham hock, and one or two other bits and bobs for meals during the week.

On the way back I was taken for a drink - just a bitter shandy but it was very refreshing.  We went to my favourite pub The Fitzwilliam Arms (also known locally as The Green Man).  We were even allowed to take Missy in with us and all the bar staff were making a fuss of her.

We have had a series of about three heavy duty storms from mid afternoon through the evening.  The storms have been rough, plenty of lightning, hailstones, flooding in the garden as the rain was torrential and the gutters and pipes could not cope with the ferocity of the rain. We do so oh need the life giver rain and indeed we have received it.  It  will do much good which is the main thing.

Tea was delicious we had steak, with fresh sweetcorn on the cob and onion rings, as well as fried onion.  It went down a treat but as usual I gave myself too much to eat.

Nothing much otherwise.  The real work begins tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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