Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Trellis and Plants

I have an area in my garden where I intend to create a little nook so that I can sit and have my breakfast out there of a morning, in peace and quiet just listening to the bird song having a cup of tea and my breakfast whether that be cereal or a bowl of Raspberries with some cream, a Croissant and cream cheese and Raspberries or what.  At the moment that area is partially exposed and so I have bought some trellis to hide it up a bit i.e. from the nosy next door neighbour and also plant a rambling rose and honeysuckle up it.  I am trying to effect like a rose arch that isn't if you get my drift using the trellis and just having a solid chunk of wood on the top so that the rose and the honeysuckle can grow up it.  T

I ordered the trellis last week.  It needs staining but it arrived this morning in a whopping big box.  So I ended up stripping the box out and cutting the box down before storing the trellis at the side of the shed in readiness for imminent use.

This little area in turn leads on to another enclosed corner yet again where I intend to pop some more climbing plants, I have passion flower, honeysuckle, rose and clematis to pop in this enclosed area.  The trellis panels are not full panels as the area they are intended for is limited.  They will also need the seagrass stain putting on them before they are put in situ.  So lots of plots and plans to get the garden looking good little by little.  This then leads onto a small path up the side of the shed.  I intend to get some more large slabs at the weekend to run down and abut to the slabs on which the shed already stands which runs down the side of the shed, and also have a small flower border down the fence side of that pavement.

I also have the consignment of vegetables arriving today between 12 and 2:30pm.  I have not got the plot ready but it is a work in progress. I have ordered from Rocket Gardens. The plants can go on the growing frames until I can sort this as they will get lots of light and I have trays for watering until I can get them in place. Very excited about this; I made the decision last thing to do this and hence the reason why they are arriving as plants.  Next year I hope to do all my own seed growing again.  Especially if I can get the greenhouse sorted out later on.

The plants have now arrived.  All of them have been packed in straw; nice quality plants as well.  I am busy wading through the autumn collection at the moment.  As they are all supplied as plugs they needed potting on.  I have therefore spent a large part of the afternoon potting on the plants to put them in the growing frame.  I have not got to the end of the first box yet and there are several more to go.

However it has been lovely and peaceful apart from nosy neighbour wanting to know what I was up to.  I did not let on too much as plans might change a bit.  I have an idea but that idea might end up getting necessarily fine tuned as I go along.  You know how it is.

As I was not in the mood for cooking this evening OH has gone off to walk the dog and also get a Kentucky on the way home.  That way round I can get back into the garden again and pot some more plants up.  I am going to need more plant pots.  I will have to get them tomorrow when I meet up with my friend to lunch.  A quick trip to Wilkos afterwards.

I have also been tidying up the herb border as well.  I have a load more plants to go in there but I want to turn the earth over a bit and also get some of the containers that are there washed and ready for use.  A lot of work but it should be worth it at the end of the day.

Anyway I think that is the gate latch going.  Tea is calling.

Catch you soon.




  1. If you have a Morrisons near you, they are always good for cheap offers on climbing plants, perennials and various plants. Quite a few of my Clematis collection have come from them. It sounds lovely, what you have planned. Look forward to seeing a ta-da photo soon!

  2. BB are you trying to lead me astray perchance. not that I need much leading! I may well just have to go and have a looksy. Long time since I have been to Morrisons. I have just come in from watering up. I think I got more water than the plants. Have had a very happy afternoon potting up my plug plants well one box of them the autumn veggies. Still have a few more to go though. Thanks for the suggestion though will go and check it out. Take care Tricia xx


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