Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tuesday catch up

I have been out to lunch again today and had a lovely time with my friend.  It was super to see her again.  

Afterwards I went to Waitrose as there were some bits and bobs that I needed for making things later on in the week.  

I have in mind to make some Gooseberry Chutney, Hot Pepper Jelly, Cassis, some long keeping mint sauce using the mint I have grown in the garden.  I bought a new hachoir and board specifically for chopping and preparing herbs.  I aim to put down a frozen store of herbs as well for use during the winter months as well.  

I am going to aim to do something a day for the pantry so that I can take advantage of anything that is on offer at the veg shop.  I am particularly at this time of year thinking of pasta sauces,potatoes, chicken and beef stock [not from the veg shop obviously], bottled fruit, mixed fruit salad (white and red), some sweet onion marmalade, garlic and onion jelly, orange jelly, some more marmalade, pickled cherries.

For the Hot Pepper Jelly I needed some Certo and some Jalopeno chillies as well as some sweet peppers, so I managed to find all the bits I needed for this including some cider vinegar.  I have not made this one before and found a recipe on Pinterest.

I also bought a few more blackcurrants yesterday, to add to those I already have for my home made Cassis; the red wine and Brandy I had already got to hand and I am set to get that started off tomorrow.  This is really good at helping cope with a bad winter cold but I also aim to put up some elderberry rob as well which is also very good.

On a regular basis the veg shop have tomatoes reduced, and other bits and bobs such as apples, plums, oranges, veggies that are reduced to £1 a bowl.  On average you get about 1kg of fruit or veggies per bowl which makes it a good source of putting food up for the winter months and getting the most for your money. It is hard work but ensures that I have a food base to take us through the winter months again.  I am old school believing that good sensible nourishing food helps keep the cold at bay and keeps your system healthy.

I also now I have the Canner intend to put up some bottled potatoes as the farmers are warning that there could be a shortage of spuds due to frosts, lack of water and heat at the right/wrong times and of course the hot conditions that we have at the moment.  The inference from this is that there could be a shortage of spuds and/or a price increase.  I may also do a few batches of blanched potatoes for roast spuds for the freezer as well.

So as well as all the preserving I usually do I think that the freezers are also going to be added to as well.  People forget about the freezer as a form of preserving.  I think I am going to be doing more of the seasonal stuff as well.  If you have a ready frozen fruit stock in the freezer as well you also have the option of making other preserves later on in the season as well as serving up some delicious puddings as well.

So the little grey cells are still planning and plotting and now we need to bring the plans into reality.  So there is a lot of work ahead.

Catch you all tomorrow.


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