Thursday, 12 July 2018

Upcycling furniture

I have been browsing furniture again.  I like individual pieces of furniture that can be blended together primarily in pine as that is the wood of choice and thus far my pocket but I also like Oak, and Elm as well.  At the moment though in reality I do not have the space to actually have any extra furniture (I had to squeeze the rocking chair in) and I keep seeing all sorts of bits and bobs which is not a good thing but there will always be something else.  Some of the furniture below as sold looks a little dated but give it a new fabric, plain or patterned, give it a bit more zing and it soon comes to life.  Some people just see the furniture as is rather than what it could be.

As I have said before as a little one and also right through to when I was 18/19 years of age I spent a lot of time at my (Aunty Rene's home). The Hall where I used to go and stay was full of antiques, antique paintings, ceramics etc. etc.  so I grew up around lovely things but also Uncle Jim (Aunty's husband) was a Master Cabinet Maker.  Both of them had an eye for good quality and nice things.  I first started staying with them in 1962 and even then Aunty's kitchen furniture was stylish Ercol elm furniture very simple classic lovely and practical.It looked stunning and was so different to the furniture my mum and dad had at the time.  This type of furniture goes for an absolute arm and a leg now and I believe it was expensive to buy at the time. 

This chair would look super in a contemporary patterned fabric or indeed a very bright fuschia or lime green.

These look like a hardwood rather than the elm pale pine chairs that my Aunt had but the shaping is the same.

This is a three seater settee - my aunt had the two seater version but it was very comfortable as she had very deep patterned cushions.

This looks very like the sideboard my Aunty had but she also had a pine rustic shelf above (not sure whether it was just a shelf or part of the suite she bought) but it had a full set of Prices Cottageware displayed on the top.  So this furniture goes both with old and new.

This is the shape of the table that they had but I believe hers (from memory) seemed or was a bit longer.

However on a practical basis there is one small piece of furniture that I am after for the very small pantry I have and that is a three tier wooden tea trolley.  I am after one that I can do up restore so I am going to keep my eye open at the Charity shop.  As I have a lot of stuff in a small place I need something to pull out the pantry with all the basics that I use on a regular basis.  Thought this would save time in the long run instead of spending an age sorting it out of the pantry, but if it was all there ready to go and just be wheeled through well that solves a couple of problems.

This is the sort of thing I am looking for.  This one was on ebay but it is collection only which I something am not able to do.  However it is what I am aspiring to.

We will see what we shall see all the sort of furniture I am after in the long term on a practical basis for the dream house.  You have to have a dream and ideas and if they materialise then all the better but even if not it never quite takes away the dream.  Here's to dreaming.

Catch you soon.




  1. I have an Ercol dresser in the kitchen, and an Ercol armchair in the hallway. I love both pieces. There was an Ercol suite at auction yesterday. I left before it came up as I didn't trust myself not to bid!

  2. I was dreaming what I could go with the £58 million some one won on the lottery, dream is all I can do, we do not do the lottery!!

    1. Hi Anne,

      You have to dream - well I do. I do do the lottery but sometimes I miss it as well usually because I get hauled up elsewhere and run out of time. Take care xx

  3. Hi Scarlet, I don't think that I could have resisted. It is lovely furniture, well made and very stylish. Seems to be very much in vogue again at the moment as well. Hope things are going well for you at the present. Take care Tricia xx

  4. Did your Auntie's table have the three-legged extension pieces with it - one at each end?

    1. Hi Beacee, I am not sure. It could have done. As a small child it looked a really big table considerably bigger than the one my mum and dad had and much more modern! Aunty always had a tablecloth of one sort or another on it. Thanks for popping by xx

  5. We had the Ercol furniture when I was growing up, originally in an orange upholstery and then reupholstered in the checked version in your photos. We lived in High Wycombe where the furniture was made and many of my older relatives worked in the furniture factories in the town in the early part of the 20th century. All of the furniture was sold years ago but I wish I had asked for it to be passed on to me. Nice memories evoked by your post.

    1. Hi Sarah, what a lovely piece of history and some lovely memories. I find that certain pieces of furniture trigger happy memories for the best part, hence me having my Great Aunt's sewing table and a small tall table from my Nan's a stool my Uncle Jim made for my Nan (the Master Cabinet Maker) and are a constant memory of those that have gone before us. If you are careful you can pick up quite a few bargains by researching Ebay and buying a piece at a time, over a period of time. It is what I do/ I have recently started adding more plates to my small collection of Johnson Brothers Beryl green ceramic ware. I have been collecting for a few years and every so often something takes my fancy and I end up adding a bit more. Take care. Pattypan x


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