Friday, 20 July 2018

We have rain and Friday round up

At long last we have continuous gentle rain.  No need for me to water up then this evening phew.  Well my veggie plants got watered as they are in the mini greenhouses.  This rain if it carries on for a little bit will do a lot of good and some repeat performances are needed as well just to soak the earth and keep all plant life alive as well.  We forget about the wildlife when it gets like this so I am just grateful that even if only just for a little while we have rain. It will freshen everything up marvellously.

For the best part of the afternoon I have been potting up and then I ran out of pots and went back into town to get some more, plus a few other bits and bobs including something for me to eat this evening.  I had intended going on to Waitrose on the way back as well but I will leave that for another day for when I am a little bit more organised.

As the weather has now determined otherwise I am now going into the kitchen to potter about a bit.

Have a lovely evening.

Catch you soon.



P.S. The rain started at approximately 6:30pm.  It is now 9:30pm and it has rained constantly.  Still nice and gentle and not torrential which shreds leaves and damages the plants.  It should give everywhere a good soak for which I am grateful especially for the wildlife.


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