Monday, 6 August 2018

Evening all

Well its been a very busy day bit mundane but busy all the same.

I started cleaning the kitchen this morning after Missy and I had had our constitutional. It is going to be a slow job as I am stripping the kitchen out as I go  making sure everything is nice and clean as I want to decorate the kitchen and get it all nice and ready for a paint job as well as new flooring, new tiling and a new sink unit as well as a couple of shelves and some new kickboarding and probably a new worktop as well.  Will see how things go on that score though.  As long as it is clean throughout before I actually start the decorating is the main thing.  

It is also very bitty as I keep stopping and starting and you kind of lose the momentum when that happens.  

I met my friend for lunch though and we had a lovely pizza each.

I needed some stain remover and so nipped into Wilkos as it is cheaper in there and then from there went on to B & M where I bought a couple of storage boxes, a battery clock for the bathroom and two new ironing baskets.  I then came back home and got stuck in again and then OH arrived to take Missy for a walk.

I then ended up loading up the van to go to the tip.  We got that sorted and then came home had some tea and then I started with the watering up.  Watering up all now finished and everything now given a good soaking.  

Still a lot more to do, and have another stint in the kitchen tomorrow.  I am not going anywhere tomorrow though so hopefully should be able to work straight through.

It will be another early start tomorrow but hopefully if I keep nibbling away I am bound to get through things eventually.  Might take me a couple of days but I am determined that the kitchen is getting done next.  It is the hub of the house.  Depending on how I get on tomorrow will depend whether we go and collect the kitchen base unit as it will be a case of old one out new one in.  We have nowhere to store it and then the old one will be down to the tip on Thursday night.  That is the plan in any event.

Right now time for a sit down.  

Catch you soon.



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