Friday, 10 August 2018

I finally made it

To Franks the Butchers and have stocked up. Their product was second to none locally and we just loved their pork pies.  In fact we have not had decent pork pie since they closed.  OH liked my pork pie although I did not get much opportunity to do much on this but I may well do as it is something I am very interested in.  But at least Franks is back! 

website address is: Franks

We used this family company for years, my family for over 55 years and OH's family a lot longer; in fact a lot of people used to use them in Peterborough.  They then closed the business.  However, one of the sons has taken over a new venture.  Franks in the past used to cook all their sausage rolls, pork pies, haslets.  However where they are now they do not have the facilities to cook them.  However they have found a way round this.  They are providing the product, frozen, so that you can pop it into your freezer or cook it straight away. This will be great as in the past at Christmas everyone went from all over town to get an order placed for sausagemeat, chipolatas, haslet, pork pies, streaky, bacon etc. It was most certainly one of our Christmas traditions. We used to have to place an order and pay and then go and collect from the shop.  There was always an orderly queue which was always part of the Christmas who ha although very hard work on the part of the staff.  However this way round should be able to buy and freeze the product in advance so that we have what we want without any of the queuing and who ha and then cooked fresh to boot, although a little tradition i.e. the queuing and the good natured banter has gone.

Franks used to be at the end of the Old Westgate Arcade in Peterborough (where Grasmere Farm shop now is).  

Today I went by taxi as their opening hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm.  OH normally goes for the products but as he is at work during these core hours it made more sense for me to go.

I have come away with the following:

2kg chipolata sausages
2 tubes sausage meat
4 pork pies complete with jelly to add after they are cooked.
1 haslet
2 sausage rolls

I also have the instructions for cooking the haslet and the pork pies.

OH does not know I have been and as I am a lady that lunches (twice today) I have a lunch and tea appointment I thought it might be a nice treat for him to have the chipolatas for his tea tonight and cook the pork pie and the haslet tonight, the rest are frozen including 1kg of chipolatas.


Since writing this post earlier in the day OH has had his chipolatas and the verdict wonderful.  Just as he remembered them.  Now to cook the pork pies so that he can enjoy them in the morning.

Catch you soon.



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