Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Listening to music

Gives me the greatest of pleasure and takes me into another place as I get lost in listening to the beautiful music and singing.  Helps me to relax.

We have access to Amazon Music Library and not really having played with it I have this afternoon been listening and finding songs from way back and which to the youngsters of today would probably be out of fashion.  I am particularly fond of English Folk Music I find it diverse, entertaining and it tells a story.  From a story telling family this appeals probably most to me of all as it preserves a moment or a real life story or event in time.

This afternoon I have re-acquainted myself with The Albion Band and one of my favourite modern day Folk Artists Kate Rusby.  She is brilliant and down to earth and I love her music.  I have been following her on and off since she first started out.

I have also been delving back to music that used to be on radio when I was growing up.  My Dad used to listen to a lot of different music programmes on the radio including classical, country and folk music.

There has been a song from my childhood though that has been bugging me as I could remember a few words but not the title of the song.  Today I have managed to track it down.  It was one of the first songs I learned in Infant class but could I remember the title not.  I managed to track it down this afternoon and it is an old English folksong called the Green Green Grass Grows all around, all around and the Green Grass Grows all around.

There is a link here for those of you interested in the song.  Apparently it is still taught to the youngsters to this day which is lovely to know.

Now am chilled out a little thanks to the music.

Catch you soon.



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