Friday, 14 September 2018

Planning for Christmas

The Christmas cakes will be made either this weekend or sometime during the week as I want to get them out of the way with and get them put up in the pantry to mature and be fed in good time.  Dealing with them like this will be one less thing to deal with in the greater scheme of things and off the massive check list in the run up to Christmas.  Approximately 14 weeks until then.

I met a friend today for lunch which I totally enjoyed and a big bowl of French Onion soup with a baguette for my lunch and a good chit chat we both had. It was nice to catch up.

I did however have a mooch around in town and ended up buying a couple of things I had not gone in for.  From the pound shop so not dear.  I managed to find some Christmas lights and bought two strings of golden jingle bells and two strings of red jingle bells. 

I also found a couple of other bits and bobs for an occasion prior to Christmas and will do a separate post on that later on.  At the moment I am just in the process of acquiring things for that occasion but whilst looking for those bits I came upon the Christmas bits and it was a case of strike first whilst the iron is hot situation.

I have also over the past four weeks or so bought four lanterns for Christmas with wording on which will be useful for either the dining room or the front room not quite sure which yet. There are two different wording formats and I bought two of each.  They are Victorian style and black.  These were picked up from B & M and are quite substantial.

I have a thing about candles, and lanterns at Christmas and generally. I think that they help set the scene marvellously as does a log fire.  Oh for a log fire.  Now that would be bliss.

I also bought some glass crackle balls the other day as well. (also from B & M). Don't know what it is at the moment but I seem to be having a real leaning towards lighting of different sorts.  Even the items for the occasion before Christmas that I will pop up a post on in due course is also to do with lighting.  

I still do not feel 100% the cold is still hanging but as I said to my friend unless it goes to my chest I will not be bothering the Doctor.  My friend is a highly qualified nurse in a previous lifetime and the Doctors have told me that if an infection ever goes to my chest then I must go into the surgery for antibiotics as there are too many other peripheral issues to balance as well.  So better to nip in the bud as the saying goes.

Right well my bed is beckoning. I still have the lantern lights on with the gentle flickering of a faux candle but it is soothing.

Catch you soon peeps.

Take care.



  1. I also love candles and lanterns. I think it can totally transform a home! I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorating. Get well soon! :-)

  2. Hi Jennifer I think candles and lanterns give a room extra atmosphere and a little more interest. The same way as pot pourri or a nice scented candle does. Still compiling bits together on the decoration front and I have some to make as well if I ever get going on the embroidery machine which I hope to do so soon. I have a visit planned to my cousin when she returns from holiday to see how it is done. She has a different machine but seeing it being done will help me get things in perspective. Thank you for your good wishes. Tricia xx


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