Friday, 21 September 2018

Things to do in preparation for Christmas

I have started making lists of the things I hope to do before Christmas, in preparation for Christmas.  Whether or not I will get to do them all is another matter but the outline is there in my mind's eye.  Now just need to get to it whilst things are a little quieter before everything goes crazy.  I shall no doubt be adding to this list as time goes on.  This is as well as all the other stuff I have on the rumble as well.  I thought if I picked off a few items at a time I might actually work myself down the list a lot quicker as well as keeping on top of the other stuff I have in hand.

Here goes:
  1. Crab apples for jelly and spiced crab apples
  2. Sloes for sloe gin and sloe chocolates and also for freezing.
  3. Dry bay leaves.
  4. Dry whole oranges and orange slices as well as clementines and clementine slices. These can be used in mulled wine as well as garlands, and making a drink and also decorating cards, wreaths, and parcels.
  5. Make gilded whole oranges.
  6. Dry lemon slices and whole lemons.
  7. Dry orange peel in strips.
  8. Dry lemon peel in strips.
  9. Make home made mixed peel.
  10. Dry red and green apple slices.
  11. Dry red and green apple slices with a star in.
  12. Gather larch cones and bleach them.
  13. Gather larch cones for arrangements.
  14. Gather teasel heads for decorations.
  15. Gather teasel heads and bleach them
  16. Gather fir cones for arrangements.
  17. Gather fir cones and bleach them.
  18. Gather Acorns for arrangements and for tags.
  19. Wood slices for decorating with pyrography.
  20. Wood chunks to turn into candle lanterns.
  21. Make Christmas decorations from twigs and fabric.
  22. Make mulled spice kits.
  23. Make mulled wine pots.
  24. Make ribbon bows.  
  25. Make Christmas pudding toppers (out of printed Christmas fabric or indeed calico and indeed I have thought about waxing them as well).
  26. Make Bouquet Garni.
  27. Make Epices de Provence.
  28. Make mincemeat.
  29. Make Christmas Garlands.
  30. Gild leaves i.e. laurel leaves.
  31. Make stuffing mixes.
  32. Scented bath bags.
  33. Make soap.
  34. Make candles.
  35. Rolled beeswax candles.
  36. Beeswax polish.
  37. Furniture reviver.
  38. Make pomanders.
  39. Make scented pine cones.
  40. Make confit of garlic.
  41. Make chilli and garlic oil.
  42. Make pizza oil.
  43. Make juniper jelly.
  44. Make Rosemary jelly.
  45. Dry Rosemary and use in Christmas decorations.
  46. Autumn display for the dressers.
  47. Dried cranberries for Christmas decorations.
  48. Dried cranberries for 
  49. Floral display.  

And the list goes on.  I thought doing things in list form would help keep me a little more abreast of what I actually need to d.

Catch you soon.




  1. I've just ironed a huge pile of fabric in preparation for making 3 sets of Nativity costumes...

    1. Hi Angela, bless you. You do this every year for everyone but it gives so much happiness to the littlies and to their parents. You have a heart of gold. Take care xx

  2. I read your list and I’m exhausted! However do you find the time to do all this, manage your house, and plan to decorate too? I think I need to up my game x

  3. Hi Jennieuk I aim high I always have. Even if I do not reach my ultimate destination the aiming high takes me higher than I would have gone in any event. It is not a comprehensive list yet just things I would like to get done if I can and it will be added to. A lot of the items are for decorating and will be collected and then bunged into the dehydrator for it to do its stuff so that does make life a little easier.Then it is just a matter of turning it into something decorative. The preserving stuff I always down tools for so the house is not always as it should be! This is not a tidy house but very much a lived in one. I have been collecting bits and bobs over the last year for the decorating so I have had a larger outline plan in place and have just bought a little at a time as I can afford it. So have the paint and the main wallpaper just need a couple of rolls of anaglypta for the dining room and that is the decorating stuff done for the dining room. I have the paint for the kitchen and the bathroom. The lounge I have to buy wallpaper for but I already have the border and the curtains. The flooring is what is going to cost the pennies but it is needed. It was last replaced a good 12 years ago. I am not super woman and sometimes have to cross things off the list due to lack of time but it is not for the lack of trying. Catch you soon. Pattypan xx

    1. You’re right - I like the idea of aiming high to take you higher than you would otherwise reach. You have inspired me, I’m off to make my own list xx

  4. You go girl. One of the other reasons for me getting so much done in advance is that you never know quite what is going to happen so if the bulk of it is prepared and you have a bit of a crisis then Christmas will still happen if all the preparation work has been carried out and prepared. Christmas for me is as much about caring and spoiling other people and making sure that they have a good time but in the process of so doing I enjoy myself too. So for me it is a win win situation. Well done and keep at it. Take care. Pattypan x


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