Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tuesday update

Just grabbed a cup of coffee so thought would update on today.

It was very cold last night and indeed I believe we had a slight frost.  At this rate the heating will be going on sooner than later.  

It has been a busy day for me, but really doing nothing but socialising  but busy all the same as it has not been "work work"!

OH departed early on and went fishing, after I had rescued his stew for him and packed it up. so that he could travel safely with it and then at least get it for his supper this evening.  Sounds as though he is chilling which is what he needs at the moment.

I then had a luncheon appointment with a friend who has been having a bit of a hard time at the moment.  I legged it into town and then I spent a very pleasant two hour lunch hour with her which made a nice change because it is usually only for about an hour and then one of us has to run.  There are many advantages to being at home and I wish it could remain so unfortunately I will have to dip my toe back into the employment market shortly as it is taking some time to get the house sorted a bit longer than I had anticipated.

I then nipped onto the market for the fabrics mentioned above.  I also nipped into the market Tesco in town  I do not go in there very often but I am glad I did as I found some Carnation cream.  So four tins were snaffled for the Christmas stockpile.

I then went up to B & M to get the glass bowls I was after and then came home.   I may end up getting another set as there are two designs I want to make  one using the autumn faux leaves and the other a glass painting technique.  

I also have six vanilla candles to make some cinnamon candle holders also to go with the autumn theme but also to carry on into Christmas.  It is little things like this that I think make all the difference.  I have also found some faux red berries (also bought last year from The Works online and I may well incorporate some of those into the candle holders.  To tell you the truth there are lots of things I want to do I just love playing.

I still have to try and persuade Demetri (the cat) that he actually wants and needs to come in this evening.  Wish me luck with that one.  

Update on Demetri:

Mission accomplished involved a con job and then manhandling him a little akin to a rugby tackle at one point, but he is in.  I do not like my cats being out overnight at all.  

It is perishing again out there.  I think we are in for a really cold winter at this rate.

Right coffee break over.

Catch you soon.  



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