Friday, 12 October 2018

Beginners Mediumship Course

For those of you with an interest in learning Mediumship my Teacher Jacqueline Lesley is holding a beginners workshop in Peterborough.  These courses are held in a safe environment and each person learns at their own pace.  Many friendships over the years have been forged and it has been lovely to see people go on to do more.


Beginner and Improvers Workshop Day

Medium & Tutor
Jacqueline Lesley CSNU, ISM/RAM

Saturday, 10th November 2018 - 10am to 4.30pm

Dragonfly Hotel, Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough

  • Have you wondered if you may be psychic?
  • Do you just have a ‘feeling’ that maybe  there is something different about you? 
  • Have you had ‘unusual’ experiences? 
  • Are you drawn to find out more about this subject?
  • Do you want to refresh your existing gift?

With her 27 years of experience as a medium and tutor, Jacqueline will lead you on a day of spiritual learning. This will be a voyage of discovery about your own intuitive abilities which will help you to open up to the possibility that you too may be psychic! You will learn how to contact the spirit world and how to attune psychically to your own and other people’s energy.

A day of infinite opportunities awaits you in a relaxed and calm atmosphere with others just like you. Even if you are a total beginner, don’t be shy. This is YOUR chance to take your exploration of this subject to another level.

£45 for the whole day’s workshop. A proportion of your course fee goes to the PSF charity fund 

Want to know more?

Contact Jacqueline: 

Telephone: 01733 347164 Mob: 07779 202602

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  1. A shame I don't live nearer Tricia. Having had some experiences in recent years with belongings (a personal diary for instance) it would be interesting to learn more.


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