Saturday, 12 October 2019

Saturday Catch up 12 October 2019

Well the first Saturday working has now been completed.  I must say this side of the new job is taking me some getting used to.  OH was supposed to have worked overtime today but unfortunately he has a kidney infection  so he popped me into work and then came back and spent sometime in the warm at home.  He came to pick me up later on.

When I get my head down time soon passes, but I still feel very slow with what I am doing.  There is a lot to learn as well.  Will see how it goes in the greater scheme of things.

I am tired, as I have been all week.  I think part of it is down to not having seen much sunshine this week as well  This last summer has been a good one for me in that I have been out and about in the sun more than I have ever been and I think that is why I have had such a good summer comparatively on the pain front.

When I got home I was intending to go into the bedroom again.  I did manage to get some stuff done yesterday but still a lot more to do yet. I will hopefully get back in there tomorrow after I come back from being out with a friend.  We are off to Stamford and having a mooch around the Antiques Centre there and a catch up on girlie time.  Her husband goes shooting on a Sunday so it is a good time to meet up.  OH is okay with me doing this.

However I am shattered and so taking some me time for a change and doing absolutely nothing.

Right off to snuggle under a blanket.

Take it steady



Countdown to Christmas 2019 83 Days to Christmas - Drying Orange slices for Christmas decorations and the Pantry

Well the fruit I have is more Clementines than oranges but even so they will be useful either to dry whole or in slices.  I have never done this before so I really am sticking my head in no man's land with this.  They came from the veg shop at £1 per bowl.  Initially I have bought £3 worth = 3 bowls.

I intend following a tutorial from here:

It gives you details on how to dry the oranges and how to build up the garland.  I already have some hessian in which can also be added to the garland cut into little strips and also a nice homely string.

The orange slices will also be useful for adding to fresh greenery decorations such as door wreaths and also to the Christmas tree and also garlands.

They can also be used in making up mulling spice  packs to add to a bottle of wine which again makes a useful present.

And for making into a nice fruit drink

There are therefore many uses for these fruit slices.  I am choosing to use them in garlands and I think the more I work with them the more I will find out what I can and cannot do with them.  

Natural garlands cost an arm and a leg to buy and are never the size you truly want them to be.  I love my garlands and I aim each year to add a garland or two hand crafted in different styles, and materials.  I have artificial natural looking garlands for the best part of the house in any event so these will go well with them.  A  couple of years ago I prepared a fir cone garland with a really pretty turquoise ribbon.

I have the bay tree in the garden with plenty of leaves and I do not want to trim the tree back before getting the orange slices dried.   I therefore need to get these on the go pretty quickly so that they are done and dusted with  and will just require hanging when it comes to put the decorations up.  Well that is the plan anyway.  I had also thought that I might give some of the bay leaves a golden edge as well with some spray paint.

I also intend drying a load of orange slices to put in the pantry in view of the fact that I am at the moment able to pick them up reasonably cheaply.

So that is another urgent job to do.

Catch you all later on.



Friday, 11 October 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019 84 Days to Christmas - Making a Christmas Stocking and Recycling a Lace Mat or two

This year I have found an idea for a Christmas stocking which upcycles and uses a crochet lace mat to embellish it.  I love the simplicity and resourcefulness of this particular project and I think it looks very glam and very lady-like.

There was no tutorial per se but the image above but I did locate a free pdf for a Christmas stocking which can be used.

the link for that is here:

from arkathwyn.   

There are many others on Pinterest though.

Being as I have one or lace two mats in-house I thought that this might be a nice project to make to give to a friend - especially if I can find an old green velvet curtain.  I can then chop this up to make the body of the stocking and then embellish individually and stuff with little tiny presents or some preserves or some home made soaps or candles.  Would truly be a home produced pressie then which is kind of speaking to me quite loudly at the moment.   I think I might also have a green velvet curtain somewhere in the stash; as I have said before I tend to stock-pile bits and bobs.

Green velvet curtains found (there is a pair)so one or two people may be getting something similar as part of their Christmas pressies.

I might also make a table runner to go down the centre of the Christmas table as well, also utilising some of the lace mats.  Will see what I can come up with and if there is enough velvet fabric I might even make some under mats.

One thing I have done in previous years is had two long thin mirrors down the centre of the dining room table.  I have used both and then use the mirror to stand some of my candleholders on with pretty little Christmassy bits.  A lot of them are the silvered glass candle holders, which I have collected over several years.  The mirror reflects the lighted candles and makes it look all festive and sparkly.  I had originally found one mirror at the charity shop.  I thought I had seen something like it before but could not quite place where.  When we were emptying mum's bedroom I found my mirror's duplicate so I bought that home and now use both of them.  I also use Victorian pressed glass cake stands to display cakes and things like that, but if you stack them and a add a few tea lights and some greenery you end up with a different kind of decoration.  There is always something you can do.

I am meeting my friend again on Sunday.  I am working my first Saturday this weekend and am spending some quality time with her on Sunday.  I have spent today with OH.  On Sunday my friend and I are going to Stamford to St Martin's where they have the antique centre.  I always enjoy having a good look around there.

I did manage to do some stuff in the bedroom today.  However whilst sorting out a pine chest of drawers I have in the bedroom I pulled the drawer out and it would appear that the runners have broken.  Am when I get paid going to have to invest in a complete set of runners for that chest of drawers if I can find some.  Might have a look at B & Q.

Right had better get myself ready for work tomorrow.

Hopefully will catch up when I get in.

Catch you soon.



Complete and utter pratt

You know how it is when you get a new job.  You are trying to follow instructions but somewhere along the line things don't go right and you end up making yourself look a right utter pratt.  Well you have guessed it, it has been one of those weeks for me.  Not from anything am doing but more from real life conspiring against me and things not happening as they should.  My immediate line Manager as a result has serious concerns about me! Generally speaking I think that I am one of these people who works out parameters by actually doing stuff wrong.  It does not help that we have several sets of passwords to access different things - passwords have never been my forte and I regularly have to update the ones I do have in order to access whatever it is I am trying to get into.  At home that is not so much of a problem but at work the whole purpose is to keep that information secret so it is not as easy.

Perhaps I am trying a tad too hard and with all the stuff we have to take on board and remember!

Needless to say I have been missing for the best part of this week as after having got in from work and had tea I have ended up nodding off to sleep dribbling.  OH has let me sleep.  It has been a week of crashing out.

I had not appreciated it either, but tomorrow is my first Saturday working.  I went in as normal this morning and was told I should not be in as today was my day off.  So here I am - trying to play catch up and about to set too in the bedroom to try and organise some more stuff.

As I said - I am coming over as  a right and utter pratt.  It will not happen again though.  So now should be able to track the weekends I am and am not working and reintroduce some normality back into my life.

Right I am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 7 October 2019

It has been non-stop this evening

I am not very good at time management and am on a steep learning curve with this both at home and at work.  Oh well tiz only the depth that varies and I am either up to my neck or something is rattling around my ankles.

I have not stopped since I got in.  I was late away from work this evening as I had taken a call last minute and cleared this up before leaving work with the assistance of some very lovely and helpful work colleagues.  I cannot face half jobs first thing of a morning.

In any event I had already decided that this evening I was going to do some more work on my scripts titivate them a bit and make them a bit more me whilst keeping in the professional obligations of the company and it is now 22:49 and I still have to type up some of the bits of bobs.  Will have to complete the rest tomorrow but I want it a lot more free flowing than it is at the moment more people orientated as it were.  So I shall be commencing that in a few moments.  I am tired and I hope I am not too late with finishing the part-work as I have to be up at 6:30am in readiness to be out of the house for about 7:15am.

However since arriving home at Pattypan's abode. My feet have not touched the floor.  We walked Missy and it was about 6:15pm before we got home with her.

We then had tea, homemade beef-burgers with cheese and lots of fried onion a couple apiece and some fresh fruit for afters.  I then set too in the kitchen, peeling the veg for tomorrow night's tea.  We have the roast pork and I have sweet potato, potato, carrot and onion to roast under the pork so hopefully we should have a nice mixture of veggies.  We then have asparagus, mashed potato and cabbage and peas to accompany the same.

I then cleared in front of the door and gave the pavement and inside the porch a good scrub out.  The first scrub up but it looks tidier.  I shall have another go at it tomorrow and clear a bit more in the process.  I have managed to get rid of three large bags of rubbish this evening which is satisfying, but I still have a lot of tidying to do.  I am hoping to do a bit each night if I am up to it - the majority of the work in the kitchen.  I also have to turf and scrub out each cupboard and then sort out the contents and get all the useful stuff in situ -  the stuff I use the most.  But a good start has been made now just need to keep at it.  This is going to take the best part of the week at this rate but hopefully I should get a good run at the weekend with it.

More washing and drying has also been done.  The wiring got sorted yesterday well partially but the rest will be sorted out come payday.

A little surprise turned up last night  - not where I expected it to.  I have found my current passport.  Hurrah.  Still have not found the original birth certificate or the other bits of paperwork I am seeking but OH now knows where my passport is.  Best part about it was that he had seen it where it was found and had thought it to be my old one.  Never mind you just cannot get the staff these days.

Sorry it is short and sweet folks - am having to prioritise and work earns me a living so I have to give it the requisite attention despite just wanting to rest.  However, it is all part of me tweaking things to make things better for me in the long-term.  I am starting to realise where I am going wrong and also working out where things are and how to do certain things.  Small steps in the greater scheme of things as I am still terribly slow but I have some ideas which I intend to put in place tomorrow - the typing I am going to do has something to do with this.

Right must dash.

Catch up soon.



Countdown to Christmas 2019 - Day 85 - Making Something out of Nothing - Felt n Fabric Decorations

One of the things that pleases me most is making something out of nothing or what appears to be nothing.  Especially if no further financial outlay has to be incurred in the process.

Out of habit I tend to hold onto little bits of this and that never knowing quite when they will be used but knowing one day that they will get used.

I was looking for some ideas the other day on some simple decorations to make for my home this Christmas when I found this tutorial on how to make a scrap garland from felt.  I liked the cheerfulness of it but I thought, I have that box of felt pieces in the back bedroom that is a good way to make something for nothing and hopefully all of those scraps will get used up and I will have one less box to deal with.

The tutorial is here Felt Garland and it is from Pam Garrison's lovely blog.  What a lovely simple tutorial one I can work whilst I am watching the TV and need to have something being worked in my hands.

Thought I would share as I know quite a few of you also like making little bits and bobs for your home in the run up to Christmas.

This is  not my photo - still without camera but is one I found on the internet


I think that this would be a good one for the kiddies to get involved with I also think it would look lovely strung across a fireplace.

Well another project for me to do in the run up to Christmas.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 6 October 2019

A bit of a headache

Sorry I have not been around initially it was because I was working in the house (although I have not got on as well as I had hoped although I have managed to get some stuff done).  However I now have a headache which is verging on becoming a migraine so it is a quick visit in and out and hopefully I will be able to catch up a little tomorrow.

We had a cooked breakfast this morning. This is fast becoming the norm around here, have walked Missy a couple of times and were due to have roast pork with all the trimmings for tea tonight but the pork was still frozen.  I have therefore prepped it up and we will have that for tomorrow night.  We had gammon and pineapple as an alternative tonight.

Also lurking in the fridge is a load of stewing steak which I am going to turn into a simple stew which I will serve with mashed potatoes.  That should do a couple of days during the week and will be something warming after a day at work.

Its been a very wet and damp day here in Peterborough as well which has not helped.  The washing machine has been on as has the tumble drier and I now have another load of ironing to do for my sins but at least everything is lovely and clean although I am running out of coathangers!

Would also just like to say a big welcome to all the new followers that have recently just started reading my blog.  Please don't be shy as I love comments.

Right am going to go and chill to see if I can get rid of this headache.

Hopefully will catch up tomorrow.

Take care



Friday, 4 October 2019

Tonight and Tomorrow

Tonight I am absolutely shattered.  I have been solo for most of the day.  I got into a bit of a panic earlier on as you get calls coming through whilst you are planning out a piece of work and it kind of throws you - well it has been me.  However I put the big girls panties on, so I have pulled them up firmly and this afternoon I got stuck in and things started to go much better.  However I need to do more preparation and have to work something out for myself to make things easier.  Part of the problem is that the codes for product mean something and it is trying to read what they say and interpret what they mean as well to relay to the client.  Well Rome was not built in a day and on Monday I will have been with them two weeks.  I always aim to please and do a good job; its healthy to make mistakes but I suppose it is the only way I am going to learn.  Hopefully things will go a lot better on Monday.  I am also not familiar yet with all the procedures and sub-sections on work etc or where to find them.   Trouble is because I am working away with my usual zeal I forget all about the time and totally forgot my tea break this afternoon and then for a similar reason I was late leaving.

I had planned on doing a little work this evening but I am too tired.  I therefore intend to get up with OH in the morning and then  get stuck in with what I had planned to do this evening.  It involves a lot of bin bags, cleaning and sorting things out.  It is going to be a long day and I am going to be in the kitchen to start with.  I am more than likely going to be there most of the day and tomorrow evening.  I hope to have a little lay in on Sunday morning before getting stuck in again.  Hopefully then I can start on the bathroom;  failing that it will be finishing off the kitchen and starting on the bathroom and finishing off during the week.

This evening we have had beef sausages and tinned tomatoes with plenty of white pepper and some bread and butter to mop up the juices with.  It has gone down very nicely.  It is a favourite meal.  Tonight it was beef sausage as every so often I like to ring the changes.  We do the same with pork sausages.  The only stipulation is that they must be good quality sausages.

For tomorrow I intend to make a Cottage pie with lots of cheese on top.

It is getting more and more nippy of an evening.  We have so far held off putting the heating on.  However if it gets much colder then it will be going on however ideally I want to be a lot tidier before the flick of the switch takes place.  For now thick jumpers are helping

OH is working tomorrow.  I have been told that I can work overtime - not next week but the week after and (I believe it is when OH will be on earlies).  As I go in with him and wait I might as well be earning a little overtime.  There is also the every other Saturday stint to do as well.  I think that will happen once they are happy with us coping on our own.

We have some cabling to sort out in the kitchen tomorrow so that I can get the washing machine and tumbler on the go. The fuses blew the other day.  For sometime I have been unhappy with the arrangements for how we have things distributed and I have asked OH to have a look tomorrow afternoon when he comes home from work.  That will be a good job out of the way with and one of the reasons I am concentrating on the kitchen tomorrow.

There is no peace for the wicked!  I do hope I was a good sort of wicked - if you are paying the price for something it needs to be a kind of settling up to my way of thinking.  You need to get your money's worth!

I am missing seeing some of my friends as regularly as I have done, but as I have said before we need to put some serious effort into getting ourselves back on keel with everything.  Create strong foundations as the saying goes.  Once you have good sturdy foundations you can build absolutely anything you want to.

Once the kitchen and the bathroom are sorted OH will receive some new kitchen responsibilities and also have to load the dishwasher of an evening after tea.  He is not leaving the responsibility of everything down to me.  Especially after he has had today off and rested.  Once things are tidy again he will have no excuse especially if I am working similar hours.

Hopefully as I have said on Sunday I will be able to get some meals prepped up for in the week.  That will make things a lot easier.  As I have said before it is all about creating new routines and finding newer and better ways to do things.  Even if things need minor adjustment and tweaking it should make life easier in the longer term and at the end of the day we have to find out what will work to us in the longer term.

Right I am going to flop am off to feed the gremlins and then am going to turn in and cuddle up under a blanket or two.

Catch you soon.



Getting out the Slow Cooker, Crock Pot whatever you call it

It is that time of year again the time of year when I drag out the slow cookers.  Now that I have the added responsibility of a new job and will not be at home to prep the meals to ensure that we will get a nice hot tea in a timely fashion I am bringing out the slow cookers.  This way on we can have a nice hot meal that will be ready within half an hour of us getting in (after the veggies have been cooked) and also a hot pudding of some sort as well.  I also have a multi pot cooker which is also very useful but at least with the slow cookers I can leave them on low during the day and then as I have said come home to a nice hot meal of an evening.

I have several slow cookers of different sizes.  My first slow cooker was a little tiny one bought specifically for me to make mulled wine in for Christmas.  OH does not like mulled wine and I do not like wasting ingredients and this was a way of me being able to have what I liked and be able to go backwards and forwards to it without wasting anything.

As the weather has turned particularly colder this week, next week I am going to be more organised with the meals.  Main meals and puddings are to be prepped the night before (over the weekend to start with).  I have some beef sausages to have with tinned tomatoes (a favourite supper here), some gammon steaks, 1kg of mince and a joint of pork to make use of before I nip to the shop to top up for next week.  I would like for next week to get a chicken, some stewing steak, some pork steak, some chicken breasts (for Hawain chicken) as well as some more mince to make Lasagna, chilli, and Cottage pie.  Together with veggies this should bulk out the  meals.  I also intend to make semolina, rice pudding, some fresh fruit of some description with a little cream and maybe a fresh fruit salad as well as a bread and butter pudding.  Will see how things go, but predominantly I hope to do much of the cooking in the slow cookers one way or another.

Since acquiring the mulled wine slow cooker, I have acquired a few more of different sizes including my mum's old one which I intend to use for making soap at some point in the future.

There are some recipes that I have not tried yet with the slow cooker.  Puddings is a new venture for me and I intend to have a go at making the rice pudding recipe to start with.

This is just an outline out loud of what I am thinking but no doubt things will change along the line apart from the fact that the slow cookers will mean the difference between an early or a late tea.

Do you use the slow cooker in your kitchen at this time of the year.  If so what sort of things do you cook and would you be without them.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 3 October 2019

Long and enjoyable .....

week that is.  As I indicated earlier in the week I have been going in an hour earlier than we normally do so that I can get into work with OH.  Fortunately he is on lates next week, but as a result of learning, and being up longer I have been absolutely shattered.  Shattered in a good way.  

I am slowly getting to grips with the new system; I have up until now been primarily concentrating on how to operate the system so that I can go on automatic pilot with that side of things.  Despite dealing with clients in the past part of my new job is to talk to customers and arrange deliveries etc.  Something I am not used to.  Yesterday I started in earnest on the phones and they moved me along pretty quickly from voicemails to dealing with clients.  Today I have been doing a mix of outward calls, voicemail messages and taking incoming calls as well.  It has been a very strong learning curve, but this afternoon  I was placed on my own computer and then dealing with a similar mix this afternoon.  Fortunately we still have our Trainers and other members of staff to access if we should have any queries or wish to discuss particular elements.  It is a very supportive environment and everyone treats you with respect and your input counts.  That is very refreshing from my perspective as I am being made to feel part of the team even though I have only been with them a little while.

So despite being out of work for 14 months, I am now happy to be back working away.  I have made friends with another colleague who started the same day as myself as well and we have been placed opposite each other which I am also very pleased about.

Yesterday after all day on the phones, I had a very sore throat.  I thought at one stage I was going to lose my voice, but it has settled down again. I have just been making sure that I have plenty of water to keep my vocal chords lubricated.

Because of the longer hours I have tried to get to bed earlier as I have been shattered.  I think my planning in respect of what I can and cannot do in the house during the week will also have to take into account the fact that it will depend on whether or not we are on earlies (as in this week) or late shift!  Probably when we are on the earlies more will have to be done over the weekend.

I am apparently (according to OH) getting myself more organised in respect of being ready and out of the house in good time to arrive at work.  At least I am getting something right!  However if there is a wrong way to do something I usually find it!  A point in case is that this morning I took some milk into the office for my tea.  By the time I unpacked everything it had managed to spill itself all over my notes which I had typed up the other night for my own precedents and use.  There is an awful lot of extra information that we have to take into account when dealing with certain things i.e. use this with that and other things which come into play if so and so happens.  I managed to get it all mopped up but it was an accident I could have done without!  I may have to retype them at some point.  Most of them were in plastic sleeves but the ones that I was given yesterday had not made it into their sleeves.

OH has a day to himself off tomorrow whilst I will be at work.  Then it will be the weekend and I will have been with the firm for two weeks.  Strangely enough I am kind of enjoying it!

I am looking forward to the weekend although I have an awful lot of stuff to do.  Stuff I need to do to get organised but Rome was not built in a day, but need to get more done than I have been achieving thus far.

Despite me working having such an impact on my social life, the time itself is passing relatively quickly and there is no time for "clock watching".  Hopefully I will be able to catch up with my friends and colleagues once I get more used to the new to me routines.

We have had stir fry for tea utilising the remnants of a chicken we had for tea.  As usual it has turned out to be a very filling meal and has used up veggies that were lurking with intent in the fridge. I don't like to waste anything if I can help it.

Right am off to potter.

Catch up soon.



Time for Reflection

Every so often we should all take time out for ourselves to see what we have done, what we have achieved (or not) and where we are going.  Sometimes because real life gets in the way and because of the fast pace of life generally we forget to take stock of our current situation.  Because we do not give ourselves time for reflection we keep on peddling the bicycle (or if you are a swan letting the legs swim nineteen to the dozen under the water) but on the surface appear to glide along the river easily.  Sometimes appearances are just that appearances, but scratch the surface and you will find out that there is a decent human being who is trying their best to make their way in life. 

It is only really when we make the time to reflect on where and what we have done that we can see how far we have progressed and moved on from the point where you have been.  It is only when you see the wood through the trees that you can put things into perspective.

So, by not charging into everything like the "proverbial bull in the china shop" you can reclaim your power, and your focus and re-point yourself back in the right direction. Nothing is ever really lost.  Sometimes you are meant to re-evaluate where you are and what your next actions are to be rather than planning everything out in your mind's eye and then getting upset and stuck on the fact that something has not worked out exactly as you had planned it.

In real life it is not what happens that is important but how you deal with it that is the real lesson and as long as it enables you to get from point A to point B, that is really all that matters.  Not how you get there but the fact that you get there.  So no matter what the situation is nothing is ever lost and by taking the time to reflect on events and in the mere act of pausing and having time for reflection you can re-focus, re-align and point yourself in the right direction no matter what the circumstances.  Remember our journeys are individual to ourselves and one person's way of getting from point A to point B may not be your way of doing things.  

Getting there is all that matters.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019 - 86 Days to Christmas - Christmas Decorations - Recycled/Revamped Christmas Stocking

Do you have a hand knitted jumper hanging around in the cupboard or drawers; one that you cannot let go because it reminds you either of a family member i.e. that it is something that they made for you.  I have a couple of such jumpers lurking that I cannot bear to let go as my dear mum made them for me.  They are also too big for me now and yet because she handled them, because she made them with much love I don't want to part with them.

I found this super post from Diane at an extraordinary

Here is a lovely way of recycling them and creating a memory heirloom that can potentially be passed on through the family.  Loved ones are never far from us especially if their memory is celebrated and perpetuated it gives them life even though we cannot physically hug them and memories and stories that can be passed on to a new generation; as even though the youngsters may not have known their family members they are still loved enough to pass on memories and tales of what they got up to in real life.  What better time to celebrate family than at Christmas.  It is a way of continuing the line.  It is certainly the way our family always operated.

Even if that is not the case and you want to provide some members of the family with their own personalised stockings you can always purchase second hand jumpers from a charity shop and create your own little bit of Christmas.

Much is made of memory quilts, but what of the hand knitted goodies.  One of the latest memory presents is to turn a loved one's shirt into a memory cushion so why not a jumper.

Once you have your stocking made, then you know just how much space you have to collect or make little bits of this and that to fill the same with.  Now that would be a really lovely present for a loved one.  It is also a way of making the most of what is available to us and recycling something that may otherwise have ended up residing in a drawer when it can be loved and cherished at this most important time of the year a time when family should be together.

Catch you soon.



Saying for the Day - Tuesday 2 October 2019

Everything has beauty

But not everyone sees it



Tuesday, 1 October 2019

A little curry

I have had a very tasty curry for tea this evening followed by Strawberries and cream again.  Mine was a prawn curry OH had chicken.  Has filled a spot very nicely. Both curries were served with Pilau rice.  Yummy.

It was an early start up at 6:00am and out the house for 7:00am.  Managed to get a pot of porridge at work and a cup of tea before starting again at work.  Things are becoming more familiar and faster.  Still a lot to learn but I am generally enjoying it and the time is going pretty quickly.

Got let out early at 4:30pm today but am 5:00pm the rest of the week so longer days.  OH is on the later shift next week so that should be better in the long run.  Have to say that OH and I were comfy in bed this morning and did not want to shift.

Weather has been wet and cold again.  There are floods on the River Nene around here with all the rain that we have had and the Wash Road is closed because of flooding. The colder weather is starting to creep up on us.

I am hoping to have Saturday and Sunday at home this weekend so that I can play catch up with some of the housework.  Managing to keep on top of clean washing and ironing.  Am hoping to do some baking at the weekend with a bit of luck.  Kitchen needs doing over in the first instance.  I do want to get the bedroom sorted a bit too.

Ten months into the year - where has this year gone it seems just five minutes since it was New Year with another New Year fast approaching.

Right better get a wriggle on have to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



Countdown to Christmas 2019 - 87 Days to Christmas - Decorations Christmas doll ornaments - Petites poupées de Noël

Now these look like fun and the name smacks of exotica!  Another set of Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree or indeed to hang off a garland or two or a wreath.

Just the sort of thing to make your Christmas tree and/or decorations that little bit more unique.  I have a felt box, and a lace box, just need to get sorted out a bit on the paints (hopefully they will be purchased at the weekend when I can get into town to source some.  I think it might be a fun thing for the littlies to have a go at (with some assistance).  I have found from past experience that one of the loveliest things you can do for the littlies is to involve them and make them part of things.  The memories and magic of Christmas give them something far more in the longer term a sense of "family" and of giving of oneself unconditionally.

It looks as though I am going to be having a massive play day.  It might also be a nice present to give a Christmas loving friend.

Right sorry it is short and sweet, must dash need to get to bed as early start again.

Catch you all soon.



Saying for the Day




Monday, 30 September 2019

I am in the land of the living

However have been extremely busy.  This week is a longer week as I am out of the house earlier (an hour each day more than last week). As a result of being in early I managed to sit quietly with one of my colleagues who also comes in at about the same time and whilst we were chatting I managed to do some crochet so at least I got to play a little bit. My shift is until 5:00pm.  It is nearer 5:30pm before I get home depending on traffic and I have to cook tea etc.  (no different to a lot of ladies I know) but this is a new routine and I am trying to make things work for us so that various (important to us) issues are covered each day.  Like having stuff in for pack-ups (OH is in charge of those) and getting laundry done, and clothes available to us both; food, animals, dealing with correspondence and other issues well as trying to cope with housework etc.

It has been a good day at work; I am slow in learning, but once I have learned I am pretty usually okay across the board.  I aim for accuracy rather than speed.  Accuracy then builds speed in the longer term from my own perspective.

This evening I have typed up a set of documents that I hope will help me with my new work from precedents I have been given fine-tuned somewhat to my style.  They of course will be open to further revision.  I tried to print them out to take in with me tomorrow but the ink has died on the printer so will have to arrange for a refill.  

After the weekend break I had a bit of a block to start with and then remembered what I had been shown.  I have also learnt more about the codings and what they mean which was also worrying me somewhat.  I was deciphering them this morning which I was pretty chuffed about. It is early days yet and Rome was not built in a day and no doubt I shall make mistakes as I go along, but I am keen to learn and am enjoying what I am doing at the moment.

Tea was chicken Kievs and chips (Monday night scratch tea) followed by Strawberries and cream which were yum.  I bought them from Aldi yesterday named "Wonky Strawberries" which amused me but they were rather nice.  Think we might be having curry and rice for tea tomorrow night; another quick tea and then another lot of "Wonky Strawberries" for pudding.

I am going to have to have an early night as I need my sleep.  OH and his partner in crime have been out for the count for a couple of hours.  I still have my clothes etc. to get ready for tomorrow.  OH will have pack-up to do.

Sorry it is short and sweet. Please bear with me.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 28 September 2019

Antique Hunt

Well I have had a fantastic day with my partner in crime L today.  Weather forecast for the last day of the fair was rain by 1:00pm.  Fortunately we were able to have a good look at some of the outside tents first and then went into what are known as the sheep sheds.

I came away with a vintage pattypan tin (pastry tart tin) very similar to the picture below.  Mine is a nine pie tin and was bought for £3.  The reason really for me buying the tin was that it has an ivy leaf pattern in three of the tins and I thought that this would be ideal for mince pies at Christmas.

I saw lots of lovely things today.  A beautiful Cloisonne bowl, lots of lovely glass cake tins, a beautiful music box which played via copper disc that was over £1,000 but the sound was beautiful.  Dough cutter machines, lots of lovely French vintage linens, beautiful glasses, crystal decanters.  Lots of vintage kitchen equipment, lots of vintage 1930's vases.  There was a particularly nice set of china that I was taken by which was honeysuckle, violets, roses.  I shall look for that in the future as I was quite taken with it.  

This is the pattern that I quite fell for:

There were lots of lovely pieces of small furniture as well.  I am talking about a small Cadburys glass display case which would look wonderful in a kitchen, a couple of small book shelves, and a couple of small sets of miniature drawers.  

I found two sets of oyster plate sets a big central plate accompanied by 12 matching plates.  One was in a goldey yellow, the other in green and white.  I shall look out for these again in the future.  

The green ones were similar to this set however the central platter with the ones we saw today was massive.

I also saw a large stone crock with a metal lid with holes in.  When I looked further it was a large bread dough prover.  It ws a lovely piece however one of the edges was broken which is a shame.

I have grown up with stories of my great grandparent's bakery which used to be in Ecclesall Bierlow in Sheffield.  My grandmother used to recount stories to my mum and her siblings about having to get up early to clean out all the pancheons after the dough had been proved and the bread made these being rather large bowls.  I never knew what they were until quite recently.  Today we saw several at the fair which were not OTT on the price.  So for future fairs I shall keep a sharp eye out for any kind of Kitchenalia.  The ones we saw today were in extremely good condition and would make a fantastic mixing bowl for modern day use and were similar to these.

I am after one of these as I think it would be ideal in which to mix together all my ingredients for home made mincemeat before leaving it to ferment in one of my Rumptopfs.

After I got home we then went round to my step-daughter's as her younger son had his birthday today.  We had a nice time but during that time my step-daughter asked if I would show her how to sew, crochet and patchwork as well as basic knitting.  The patchwork I am still learning myself so what I learn I will pass on to her and maybe that will reinforce it with me a little more.  So that is also going to be incorporated somewhere along the line.  She quite likes the idea of making some crochet throws for her front room.  One of the ladies at work also wants to learn how to crochet.  So it looks as though I am going to be busy.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



Friday, 27 September 2019

Countdown to Christmas - 88 Days to Christmas - Snowman Dolly peg tree ornament

Continuing with the Christmas decorations I have since my earlier posts found the following:

Now I am really taken with this one looks totally cheeky.  It will make a lovely tree decoration.  However I am going to have to wait to work on this one as I have no paint.  Not only am I going to have a large gluing session but it looks as though I am going to be having a large painting session as well.  Painting I must say is not really my forte.  I wish I was good at it but I am sadly not. I know my limitations.  It does not stop me having a go.  Plus it looks as though I am going to have to locate some small fittings like the little hats and some backing stars.

I will also keep my eyes peeled for unusual objects to use in my crafting and some individual pieces to use for my home décor for Christmas or anything else that takes my fancy.  It will predominantly be looking rather than buying tomorrow however when the Antiques Fair returns next year I hopefully will have been able to save up and be able to look properly for those very individual pieces.

In the meantime it is the little things that are pleasing me most.  Being small it is keeping my hands occupied, my mind interested and best of all is not costing an arm and a leg.

I had thought also to make some of these decorations out of cinnamon sticks.  I was thinking a Rudolph version too.

Catch you soon.



Feeling very spoiled

It has been a very long day today; an active and busy one where I have been on the computer processing information most of the day.  I just have to learn to link what I have learned about the computer and put it into a format that is approved and acceptable for the customer.  My head is still working on that one.  Am going to revisit this over the weekend and create some personalised crib sheets for myself.  Have done a couple of calls to clients as well although this side of it is still being nurtured from my point of view.

OH and I now work for the same company.  Different areas and different buildings.  My brother and my step-son also work at the same firm.  So you could say that we are very much keeping it in the family.

Every so often they have a lady arrive with lots of different perfumes (proper makes) at very good and a lot cheaper prices.  These are not copies, fakes or duds but the real perfume.  OH has bought perfume for me from here before but today has been the first time I have been able to see for myself.  He ended up treating me to a new bottle of perfume.

I am a fan of Mugler perfumes.  Today he has treated me to a bottle of Eau de Parfum by Mugler called Aura.  It is lovely and I adore it.  Even more I love the perfume bottle.  Very distinctive as are all of Thierry Mugler's perfume bottles.  I have the Star perfume and bottle as well.

John Paul Gaultier's "Classique" is an absolute favourite.  I am hoping that when she comes again in a couple of months just before Christmas that I will be able to buy a bottle of this as well.  Perfume helps me feel good about myself.  If I have nice clothes on and smell nice I think it helps boost a low mood, and self-esteem and makes you thing generally better about anything.

I was also treated to half a crispy duck which was shared with OH for our supper tonight.  It went down very well.

Tomorrow I am off to Peterborough Antiques with one of my friends.  It will be a tiring but good day even though the weather is damp and the temperatures have chilled quite a bit so I intend to wrap up well.  I am feeling the change in temperature to what it has been and especially so for the last three weeks or so.  A subtle change but I have felt cold on the inside.

Right must get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)