Monday, 11 February 2019

Starting to sort the seeds

I had started to sort my seed stash out last year and decanted quite a lot of them into a Lever Arch file in plastic sleeves for better storage and the plan was that I would then prepare an Xcel spreadsheet with full sowing and harvesting information.  At the time I popped the seeds into the folder I felt that I had not got all of the seeds to hand and the other day when doing out the front room I found a shoe box full of said seeds that still need sorting.  I still suspect that there are further seeds to be located though as I am sure I had more tomato seeds than I have found thus far.  So at the moment I am trying to sort out the folder so that I can get all the seeds in there and also get the Xcel spreadsheet sorted.  This is going to be a time consuming job but one I hope will save me time in future years.  One of the problems I have is that I find a specific seed I like and then when I go to re-purchase cannot locate whereas if I have the name of the seed I stand more chance of actually locating.  

In the greater scheme of things I have plenty of preserving skills etc. but actually gardening skills I need more practice at.  That is why I am eager to get  a potager style garden going.  I did notice that there are going to be loads of seeds to sow just on my quick nip through the seeds I do have. So the garden really needs to be licked into shape as quickly as possible.   I am hoping for a couple of warmer days to get started on the clearing.

I hope the weather starts to warm up a bit soon so that I can go out and tackle tidying up a bit and get the garden sorted out before I start sowing seeds in the growing frames.  I particularly want to get the tomatoes sorted this year and as the greenhouse needs sorting I will need assistance from the other half in this respect.

As I have said in an earlier post OH has taken a fancy to the expensive green tomatoes from Waitrose that our friend introduced us to.  He liked them so much that he has gone to the trouble of drying some seeds for planting.  Whether they will come true or not remains to be seen but it will be an experiment.

However since then I have seen another way of potentially doing this which I am going to try as well.  The link is here: tomato.  Fingers crossed that it should work.  Another little experiment though. 

I was also intrigued to see that you can grow plants forward from those bought in the veg shop.  Think I might be giving this a go as well.  The link is here:

Mind you some of this preparatory work is paying off in extra information I am coming across for different plants so it will all pay off handsomely in the end.

Right on with some jobs this will never do.

Catch you soon.



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