Tuesday, 23 April 2019


After a few days out and about and hardly being at home at all tomorrow and Thursday I am at home, to hopefully get on with a little more work.  There is still lots to do but in reality it has been lovely to be going out and about and I have really enjoyed myself.  It has made a nice change.

I have had a lovely day with my friend L today and as usual we have been talking nineteen to the dozen and putting the world to rights, as well as a little eating and shopping in between.  

We ended up getting some bits and bobs in M & S and they have the new season's strawberries in - British ones and they are divine.  We had ours served simply with double cream and a sprinkling of sugar.  They went down very nicely after a scratch tea of egg, bacon, fried tomatoes and mushrooms served with bread and butter.  It has all gone down very nicely.

OH on his way home called in for Missy and I and we again went to Ferry Meadows for Missy's evening walk.  It was a lovely finish to the day being out in the fresh air.  The swans, ducks and a pair of pretty Grebes were out in  force.

Things are going to be busy for the rest of the week.  We are going to have to go to the tip again at the weekend and we have lots of other stuff to do besides, so if I go quiet it is more down to me being busy than not wishing to blog.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get things out of the way with despite wanting to do other things or be elsewhere.

I am hoping that the weather is good tomorrow - I have not seen the weather forecast but I would quite like to get out into the herb border and get that tidied up quite a bit and some of the plants already in the garden re-sited or replanted.    I also want to get some seeds set but the growing houses and their covers need sorting out first.

As I say, I have a lot to do over the next few days but I am hoping at some point that I will be able to get back to my patchwork and other crafting.  I am in dire need of a "crafty day".

To add to that I also want to do some cooking.  I also want to make some soft cheese and also some soda bread as well as do a little cake baking.  Have all the ingredients in just need the time to actually play.  

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.




  1. It sounds like you are a busy bee - don't overdo things. That Crafty day would set you up a treat to rest you and give you energy for the other jobs that need doing.

    I have had to set more runner beans as a lot of mine rotted in their trays in the greenhouse when we had that cold spell. I have lots more seeds to sew, so must try and get some set each day.

    Good luck with your garden and getting it sorted.

  2. Hi BB, am shattered so a lazier day I think. Still have not managed to have my crafty day,Hoping to get in the garden tomorrow for some fresh air and to sort out more rubbish. Hope you are feeling more comfy. Take care Tricia xx


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