Saturday, 22 June 2019


Today has not gone as planned.  I had intended on getting up early and addressing housework.  In the end I crashed out until 11am and then was not firing on all pistons and by the time the OH arrived home I still was not with it.  We had something to eat and then started watching a programme at which the pair of us fell asleep with one very happy little dog and were out for a good couple of hours woke up and then nodded off again.  I think it is as a result of being up a lot earlier for the past fortnight and a lot later together with not sleeping properly that has eventually caught up with me (us).  Tomorrow I will need to get on but today have listened to what my body is dictating for a change.

I feel more rested than I did so tomorrow it will be time to get stuck in.

A very lazy day all told - feel slightly guilty.

Catch you soon.




  1. Sometimes a lazy day is just what is needed.

  2. It sounds like after such a busy time your batteries needed recharging. We are all guilty of not listening to our bodies when they say REST!!

  3. Don't feel guilty - feel glad that you were able to rest and regain strength. The housework will have to wait. I'm learning to listen to my body and stop worrying about it. Last week I had a day when I was in my pjs till 7pm!


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