Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Has been a little drier thank goodness although it has now started to pelt it down with rain again.  Fortunately I got let out of my course early today.  It has been another busy day and I have learned a few thins that I did not know and which I think will be very useful once I am back in main stream work.

We have also been doing some work on updating our CVs in order that the employment consultant can take into account our qualifications and work experience etc.  I shall still do stuff as I have been doing on my own in any event but it will be interesting to see their approach and whether or not I am actually putting in the correct information.  There seems to be a lot of variance in the way these should be prepared with one person saying one thing and another saying the opposite.  It will come out in the wash.

Thus far I have quite enjoyed the course.  There is a diverse range of students varying in age as well as skills and experience.

I must say that I have been pretty shattered as have been up at 6am all this week and then late to bed.  I am hoping to get under the duvet a little earlier tonight.

I am hoping that the weather cheers up soon.

I have spent a good part of the evening sorting out a new to me old mobile phone.  Unfortunately my other phone is not very reliable and I need to have a phone to hand most of the time. Now sorted for the best part although have to sort my photos out.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you all again shortly.



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